No-Code AI Analytics Platform For Data Professionals

SparkBeyond announced the next iteration of “SparkBeyond Discovery,” its No-Code AI analytics platform for next-generation problem-solving. Now data professionals can leverage SparkBeyond’s sophisticated AI-driven platform to make better business decisions, faster.

The new no-code AI platform, with a simplified user interface and embedded methodology, is now capable of faster discovery of novel insights and generation of predictive models. It explores millions of hypotheses per minute based on internal and external data sources to reveal previously unrecognized drivers of business and scenario outcomes, and explains its findings in natural language.

Already some of the most prominent global companies are using SparkBeyond Discovery, including McKinsey, Baker McKenzie, Hitachi, PepsiCo, Santander and ABInBev.

“The demand for data skills has reached virtually every industry. What was once considered a domain for expert data scientists at large enterprise organizations is now in urgent demand across companies of all sizes,” said Sagie Davidovich, CEO and co-founder, SparkBeyond. “Our new release is powerful yet intuitive enough that data professionals—including analysts at medium-sized and smaller organizations—can now harness the power of AI to quickly join multiple datasets, generate millions of hypotheses and create predictive models, unearthing unexpected drivers for better decision-making.”

Core benefits of the new SparkBeyond Discovery platform include:

  • Automate and exhaust your search for insights
    Leverage Automated Feature Engineering to instantly run millions of hypotheses on your data, finding signals where you wouldn’t think to look.
  • Join multiple, different data sources in a few clicks
    From time-series to text analysis to geo-spatial data, auto-connect most data types in their raw, granular form, without writing a single line of code.
  • Augment your data by adding real-world context
    See the bigger picture by integrating SparkBeyond’s curated database of world knowledge (maps, Wikipedia, demographics, etc).
  • Collaborative UI for stronger results
    Generate superior, enriched composite features in explainable, natural language, and examine a range of metrics on each feature for closer evaluation.
  • No-code training, tuning and evaluation of ML models
    Use built-in Auto-ML to enhance predictive models at their core, improving model accuracy and accelerating time-to-value.

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