Parasoft’s Software Testing Tools Boost Efficient Comprehensive Testing

Parasoft announces new automated software testing advancements in its Continuous Quality Platform for functional solutions, which include Parasoft Virtualize, SOAtest, CTP, and DTP. The latest releases introduce capabilities including:
  • GenAI integration for API testing
  • Comprehensive microservices code coverage
  • Web accessibility testing
  • Powerful learning mode for creating and updating virtual assets

These innovations are set to transform the landscape of software testing for enterprise application development and test teams.

Parasoft’s new features address the challenges faced by enterprise application development and test teams and their management in ensuring the reliability of their software.

GenAI integration for API testing with Parasoft SOAtest

    • Automate advanced test case generation based on API definitions while ensuring relevance and accuracy.
    • Seamlessly integrate GenAI using OpenAI or Azure OpenAI models for efficient test scenario generation.

Comprehensive code coverage and test impact analysis for microservices testing with Parasoft CTP and DTP

  • Enhance visibility of application coverage across multiple distributed microservices addressing the challenge of end-to-end testing coverage.
  • Use test impact analysis to identify which end-to-end tests should be executed to validate downstream microservice changes in your AUT.

Ability to reuse existing SOAtest web functional tests for web accessibility testing

    • Quickly and simply satisfy web accessibility requirements by reusing existing SOAtest web UI tests.
    • Accelerate compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and integrate accessibility testing into your automation pipeline.

Learning mode for service virtualization in Parasoft Virtualize

    • Easily create always-up-to-date virtual assets for running regression tests and overcome challenges stemming from live endpoint unavailability or instability.
    • Dynamically learn runtime traffic for realistic service simulation—ideal for introducing service virtualization to new teams.

“With the latest Parasoft Virtualize release, we’re looking forward to using learning mode. This new feature will allow us to create service simulations faster, and they’ll always be up to date,” said a valued Parasoft customer of a leading global financial services company.

To learn more about the newest releases visit the Parasoft website HERE.

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