Pure Lead Max Battery Cuts Costs of Ownership for Data Centers

C&D Technologies introduces its premium longest-lasting Pure Lead Max (PLM) VRLA battery for UPS systems in the company’s line-up and has an industry-leading eight-year warranty.

“Our proprietary pure lead technology combined with a catalyst design creates superior batteries that reduce resistance and corrosion, ensure long life in the most demanding environments, and decrease the total cost of ownership for UPS systems,” said Jon Anderson, Chief Technology Officer.


The latest addition to C&D’s pure lead VRLA product line reduces the total cost of ownership with the following benefits:

  • Longest-lasting design life, backed by an 8-year warranty: Proprietary pure-lead technology, combined with catalyst design, extends battery life offering a single-replacement for a 15-year UPS system, with an industry-leading warranty.
  • Safe Choice: Proven technology from C&D Technologies, a brand leader with more than 100 years of battery manufacturing experience.
  • Supports Sustainability Initiatives: Pure Lead Max batteries are manufactured with up to 80% recycled materials and are 98% recyclable.
  • Up to 38% Lower Maintenance Costs: Based on recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Reduced Footprint: Extensive portfolio reduces footprint by up to 28% and battery quantity by up to 40% over leading competitors.
  • Patented True Front Access Design: Improves power efficiency, makes installation faster and easier, and enhances safety.



The new Pure Lead Max Battery raises the bar on VRLA technology and longevity.

“Every aspect of our Pure Lead Max battery is optimized to work together and increase battery life,” said Erick Soares, C&D Technologies Senior Product Manager for UPS and renewables. “The powerful combination of our UPS-specific radial grids, patented pure lead paste, and catalyst technology delivers unprecedented performance and longevity in a VRLA battery.”

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