Remote.It Announced the Release of Docker Network Jumpbox

Remote.It announced the release of Docker Network Jumpbox to enable zero trust container access for Remote.It users. The new feature provides businesses with enhanced security and reduced risk while improving both scalability and compliance. The update also enables developers to share their Docker services with others while running zero trust container access. In addition, it allows IT and DevOps teams the ability to simplify their container management. The Remote.It Docker desktop extension for Mac and Windows is immediately available on the Docker Marketplace. The Remote.It Docker Network Jumpbox container is available on Docker Hub.

By adopting a zero trust approach, businesses ensure that only authenticated and authorized users are granted access to their networks and data, reducing the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks. Docker Network Jumpbox creates a massive time saving benefit for Remote.It users on both development and IT/DevOps teams by automating tasks, providing a layer of improved security, increasing access to individual services, and eliminating manual mistakes.

“Zero trust security has become increasingly important in today’s digital landscape where cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent,” said Ryo Koyama, CEO and cofounder of Remote.It. “Our new features with Docker leverage zero trust container access and provide a higher level of security and compliance for organizations of all sizes.”

New capabilities for developers include:

  • Ability to deploy the Remote.It Jumpbox container within their existing Docker environment
  • Dynamically provision and de-provision container services to their Remote.It account (across all Docker networks)
  • Automatically create services to Docker containers running in their environment
  • Share Docker services with Remote.It Organization features (tags, networks, roles)
  • Share local Docker services with their host device without exposing ports to the Docker network.

IT/DevOps who want to simplify container management can now:

  • Automatically provision services without exposing ports, setting up route tables, access control list, etc.
  • Eliminating manual Docker/network configurations thus saving time, eliminating manual mistakes, improving security
  • Improve Zero Trust – manage access to individual services, not devices, subnets, VPC, etc.

“Docker is always looking for ways to fill and improve the developer experience gap while keeping developer ergonomics in mind,” said Webb Stevens, General Manager Docker Desktop. “Networking configurations can be a major pain point for many organizations so we are happy to welcome to the Docker Extension marketplace, which will offer a direct means of deploying Zero Trust Network Access at deployment for millions of Docker developers.”

Remote.It’s SaaS-based network management service employs zero trust container access and also offers greater flexibility and scalability, enabling businesses to easily scale their infrastructure and adapt to changing business needs. Remote.It’s network management service, with the embrace of zero trust, is an essential tool for businesses looking to enhance their security posture and protect their valuable data. To learn more visit the website HERE.

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