Security Questionnaire Application for Multiple Business Units Launched

TrustCloud unveiled a new feature: automatic pre-fills of security questionnaires for multiple business units. This marks the first of a customer assurance tool that can adaptively respond to security questionnaires for different products within a single company. This innovation enables GRC and Deal Desk leaders to furnish precise, timely responses to potential clients, thereby expediting business revenue generation.

Security questionnaires evaluate the security posture of a potential vendor or partner. Companies receiving questionnaires often struggle to provide accurate information in a timely manner, which can slow down the sales process. Many tools designed to automate security questionnaires and RFPs rely on knowledge bases, which quickly become outdated and provide inaccurate responses. And for large organizations with multiple products, business units, or regions, these tools are unable to determine which product is being evaluated and how to accurately represent the associated security and compliance credentials. This forces users to stand up multiple instances of questionnaire automation tools, and spend more time manually evaluating responses.

To address these gaps, TrustCloud added capabilities to its TrustShare application to account for multiple business units in one platform instance. Now, customers can:

  • Save 80% of time otherwise spent sorting questionnaires, searching databases for answers, tracking down colleagues to update those databases, and fact-check answers
  • Pre-fill up to 85% of questionnaires with AI trained on security questionnaires and a deep GRC lexicon, to generate coherent, hallucination-free responses automatically
  • Accelerate sales and show GRC’s impact on company revenue by tying customer assurance programs to new business
  • Support a global, multi-BU GRC program that reduces enterprise risk with control observability and programmatic risk assessments

“In the healthcare space, data protection, security and privacy are paramount, and it’s critical that we accurately communicate our security posture to potential customers and partners,” said Tana Isaac, Executive Vice President Product and Technology at Volpara Health. “But, spending time on security questionnaires, especially as a company with multiple products, can be very resource-intensive. We’re excited to leverage TrustCloud’s capabilities to not only save time in the security questionnaire process, but ensure that we are providing the most accurate information to our potential customers and partners.”

“Security and privacy programs are crucial for business growth, but InfoSec leaders are hampered by inadequate tools,” said Sravish Sridhar, CEO and Founder of TrustCloud. “Customer assurance workflows that rely on security questionnaires are a big hurdle for leaders who want to prove they’re driving revenue growth and risk reduction, especially as organizations grow and the matrix of products and security credentials gets more complicated. Our platform now gives InfoSec leaders the ability to dynamically respond to security questionnaires for multiple business units, and confidently communicate their security posture and drive revenue for their business.”

To learn more about the TrustShare pre-fill security questionnaire application and hosts a dynamic trust portal, visit the website here.

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