Sorted is Now Available Free on macOS

The much-anticipated Sorted³ for Mac is now available to download from the Mac App Store.

Sorted³ is an app that combines tasks, calendar events and notes in one place to help users hyper-schedule their days for more focus and less stress.

  • Since its inception in 2018 as an iOS-only app, it’s been featured as App of the Day by the App Store in 130+ regions.
  • Today, as the iOS App hits 1 million downloads on the App Store, it’s also available on the Mac App Store as a native app.

“Little did we know the app we initially built to serve our own busy schedules, would resonate with so many others around the globe! We’re grateful for that. Since the early days, we considered the Mac App to be an essential component of the overall Sorted experience. Sorted³ for macOS has been in the works for a while, and we’ve gone through 3 product iterations to get to where we are today.”—Leo Tumwattana, Cofounder & CEO of Sorted

Sorted³ for macOS has been Optimized for Big Sur and Apple Silicon and is backward compatible with macOS Catalina. With this launch, Sorted has filled the entire Apple ecosystem.

“We now look forward to the future to work on our next milestone to help even more people achieve more focus and less stress through hyper-scheduling.”—Leo Tumwattana, Cofounder & CEO of Sorted

To give more users the opportunity to experience hyper-scheduling, Sorted is now free on both iOS and macOS. Users can also get PRO to enjoy the full benefits and features of Sorted³ through separate in-app purchases on iOS and macOS platforms.

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