Storware and Scale Computing Partnership Enables Backup Solution

Storware announced its partnership with Scale Computing. The partnership enables a fast, reliable, and efficient solution for backup that allows organizations to deploy and manage hundreds of locations efficiently with cloud-like orchestration.

Storware is a stable, agent-less, certified solution, providing data protection services for virtual machines running on Scale Computing Platform, the edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions provider. With an easy management interface, you are able to quickly set up protection and store backups in several different backup providers.

Key solution benefits include:

  • Enhanced data security by Immutable Backup & IsoLayer technology

  • Recovery plans for automation of restore procedures & tests

  • RESTful API for easy integration with a 3rd party solutions

  • Scale-out architecture for robust and effective backup & recovery processes

“The amount of data generated, processed and stored outside of the data center keeps increasing with the use of IoT, video surveillance, and AI applications. At the same time strict privacy regulations restrict movement of data, including data contained in backups. This increases the need for flexible and reliable backup solutions,” said Johan Pellicaan, Vice President & Managing Director EMEA, Scale Computing. “Our partnership with Storware provides customers and partners with backup capabilities that match the needs for edge computing scenarios, ensuring that operations run reliably and any disruptions can be mitigated quickly.”

Scale Computing software provides a powerful IT infrastructure solution uniquely designed for running applications on-premises. Lightweight and efficient software is packaged for uncontrolled, non-IT environments and managed centrally, making it easy to run applications anywhere, while also reducing workloads for IT teams. With Storware’s efficiency and flexibility of backup destinations, licensing and open minded approach to new ideas, both traditional data center and edge computing environments running on SC//Platform gain data security tailored for any size of customer.

“As awareness of cyber threats grows, the data protection layer in the modern data center must extend beyond snapshots and replication,” said Jan Sobieszczanski, CEO, Storware. “Scale Computing has a strong reputation for delivering the best in edge computing, virtualization, and hyper-converged solutions. For many companies, HCI has become a significant part of enterprise data centers and in edge computing scenarios. All these environments require reliable and uncompromising protection. At Storware, we believe that IT simplification is the key to uninterrupted development. By combining Storware and Scale Computing, companies enrich their IT infrastructure with an easy-to-integrate and automate data protection solution. Storware also offers unprecedented flexibility in selecting the optimal backup strategy, the ability to store data in multiple locations, and fast and hassle-free data recovery. Customers like the freedom to design and protect their IT environments. We understand this, and that’s why we created perfect future-oriented solutions. We’re thrilled about this partnership.”

To learn about providing a scalable, cost-effective backup and recovery solution, please visit the website here and partner Storware here.

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