US Signal Data Centers Are Going Green in Michigan

US Signal is proud to announce its commitment to transitioning all of its data centers and offices in Michigan to run entirely on renewable energy sources by 2026. Working together with DTE Energy and Consumers Energy sustainability programs, US Signal is dedicated to supporting a cleaner and healthier environment by reducing its carbon emissions, supporting the growth of the renewable energy sector, and promoting a cleaner and more eco-friendly future.

“As an industry leader in providing secure digital infrastructure services, we have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and support the growth of renewables,” said US Signal President Paul Van Hyfte. “We are proud to be working with DTE Energy and Consumers Energy on this initiative to better serve our customers while being good stewards of the environment.”

US Signal’s commitment includes transitioning its headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI, and all four data centers in Michigan: Detroit Metro, Grand Rapids East, Grand Rapids South, and Southfield. This transition will ensure that all operations within these facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy sources such as solar power.

“We understand the importance of using sustainable resources to power our services,” said US Signal CEO Dan Watts. “At US Signal, we place a priority on environmental responsibility as we grow and scale to meet our customers’ needs.”

By making this commitment, US Signal has joined other leading companies around the world that are striving for environmental stewardship while continuing to serve customers with secure digital infrastructure solutions.

In addition to transitioning its Michigan data centers over to renewable energy sources, US Signal is also continuing its dedication towards green initiatives through its other sustainability projects, such as waste reduction initiatives, increased recycling efforts, and more.

By choosing US Signal as your trusted technology partner, you can rely on our commitment to sustainability and our track record of providing reliable and secure services backed by 24/7/365 local, expert support.

Learn more about US Signal’s sustainability practices HERE or other company information HERE.

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