Xactly Launches New Xactly Framework for its Intelligent Revenue Platform

Xactly, the leader in intelligent revenue solutions, announced the launch of Xactly Framework. Designed to reduce the risk and complexity found in manual revenue processes, this offering simplifies the way that customers move these processes into the Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform.

Despite implementing a variety of core systems, every business has a unique set of processes that are still managed manually with spreadsheets and email. With few controls and a reliance on individual knowledge, using these tools for revenue-related processes place companies at risk. Xactly Framework offers companies a way to quickly extend Xactly’s robust revenue intelligence and operations functionality to automate and strengthen these processes, reducing risk and deriving greater value from their existing investments.

“At this scale and stage of our business, it would be nearly impossible to do strategic sales planning without the agility that Xactly provides. Managing compensation effectively at this scale without an automated solution would limit our ability to make strategic decisions, because our time would be spent calculating comp on spreadsheets, which is unnecessary. We’d still be stuck in the mentality of ‘what can we do?’ versus ‘what do we want to do, that will drive results.’” — Matt Sheppard, Global Sales Compensation Operations and Systems at LinkedIn

In addition to powerful workflow and extensibility functions, Xactly Framework threads together all revenue-relevant data-streams across the enterprise. This orchestration replaces silos with transparency and collaboration. By converting individual knowledge and isolated decision-making into institutional knowledge and best-practice, organizations can become far more resilient.

“Xactly Framework eliminates manual processes that cause inefficiency and introduce errors,” said Christopher Li, VP of Transformation and Innovation at Xactly. “By leveraging data, and combining this technical framework with Xactly Transform, we are orchestrating changes for our customers that are immediately adding value by positively impacting revenue.”

Hundreds of companies are achieving remarkable results by integrating CRM, ERP, and HCM with Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue platform, learn more about it.

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