Carahsoft Will Serve as a SAS Public Sector Distributor

SAS has unveiled a new distribution partnership with Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®. Under the agreement, Carahsoft will act as a SAS Public Sector Distributor, facilitating access to the company’s analytics, AI, and data management solutions for US Government agencies through Carahsoft’s network of reseller partners and via multiple contract vehicles and government schedules.

SAS has been a valued government technology provider for nearly five decades and is used in all 15 executive departments of the US federal government and all 50 states. This strategic agreement with Carahsoft makes it easier for government customers to acquire SAS products and solutions, including cutting-edge, AI-optimized analytics tools for proactive response to evolving public sector challenges. This includes SAS® Viya®, SAS’ cloud-based, responsible data and AI platform. SAS Viya is already used across the public sector for fraud detection, security intelligence, streaming analytics, flood mitigation, medical record review, learning recovery and predictive maintenance.

Stepped up partnership strategy will benefit government customers

The announcement comes shortly after SAS shared its elevated approach to partnering, which includes a shift to a new distribution model for SAS solution provider partners (resellers) to further embrace indirect channels and drive future growth for SAS and its partners. Together, SAS and Carahsoft offer a potent combination of benefits for SAS’ resellers in the public sector. Recognized as a premier software distributor in the market, Carahsoft will use its resources to deliver expanded scale and reach that empowers SAS partners to grow their businesses with improved efficiency and increased access to new markets and customers.

“Engaging with distribution is a deliberate step to help us take our partner strategy to the next level,” said John Carey, Vice President of Global Channels at SAS. “We’ve always been committed to innovative, value-driven partnerships. Combining our world-class AI and analytics with Carahsoft’s trusted network and reseller partners will help our public sector solution providers better serve existing customers and engage with new prospects.”

Carahsoft will deliver SAS technologies to US government agencies through resellers, as well as its own GSA Schedule, NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V, Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – Software 2 (ITES-SW2), The Quilt and OMNIA contracts.

“Carahsoft is pleased to partner with SAS and maximize the reach of its solutions through our numerous contract vehicles and valuable reseller ecosystem,” said Craig Abod, Carahsoft President. “SAS has been serving the government since its inception, with over 1,600 global public sector entities currently using SAS products and solutions to effectively understand, predict and adapt to data insights. In combination with Carahsoft’s proven track record in the government space, this partnership will bring agencies the advanced AI and analytics tools needed to increase public sector productivity, make data-driven decisions and foster innovation and success for all levels of government.”

Empowering governments to protect and improve the lives of citizens

SAS products are a comprehensive and agile solution for the government, supporting various use cases, including data management, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and fraud detection and investigation. With SAS, agencies can optimize resources and make informed decisions through a real-time, integrated view of their data. The capabilities and intuitive interfaces of Viya provide simplified access to all data, a clear structure for data cleansing and transformation, and easy management of robust data pipelines. In addition, SAS analytics tools deliver an initial quick-start data model recommendation and continue to identify the most effective models. These tools also automate performance monitoring and tuning for peak efficiency and seamlessly integrate with other open source languages.

With the rapid rise of AI and an evolving regulatory landscape, SAS Viya helps government agencies strive to use AI responsibly to mitigate risk and help citizens thrive. Viya offers trustworthy AI capabilities like bias detection, explainability, decision auditability, model monitoring, governance and accountability. In an era of uncertainty, SAS helps government organizations become – and stay – more adaptable, secure and effective. With Carahsoft as a distributor, SAS and its solution provider partners will be better equipped to help new and existing public sector customers make faster, more accurate decisions with powerful AI and analytics.

Learn more about SAS as a public sector distributor of AI and analytics.

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