Citrix’s uberAgent Acquisition with Partner ControlUp Enhances DEX

ControlUp has announced an expanded facet of its collaboration with Citrix, a division of Cloud Software Group. This development will provide Citrix Platform users with enhanced insight into the real-time metrics and health of Citrix virtual desktops.

Following the announcement of Citrix’s acquisition of Vast Limits GmbH and the inclusion of its uberAgent product in the new Citrix Platform License, ControlUp and Citrix are underscoring their longstanding partnership to deliver real-time visibility and insights into Citrix performance and virtual desktop health. ControlUp customers will benefit from a tremendous amount of detailed Citrix and NetScaler data regarding performance and security, which can be exported to ControlUp DEX Platform’s data insights and remediation.

“With uberAgent, our partnership with ControlUp will continue to deliver even greater data insights and remediation for our mutual customers,” said Sridhar Mullapudi, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Citrix, a business unit of Cloud Software Group. “Data from the uberAgent client can be easily exported to the ControlUp solution.”

For Citrix Universal environments, the ControlUp DEX Platform delivers a scalable, simple to manage, cloud native solution that doesn’t require customization expertise or additional data hosting licenses. Offering deep Citrix VDI and DaaS analytic metrics and simple-to-use dashboards, it makes delivering a superior Citrix user experience easy.

“Citrix environments of every size put their trust in ControlUp to deliver a remarkable user experience that accelerates business performance,” said Jed Ayres, CEO, ControlUp. “We will continue to deliver on this technology promise for customers of both Citrix Universal and Citrix Platform, and plan to take advantage of the additional insights and technology connections that will result from the integration of uberAgent into the Citrix platform solution.”

With millions of Citrix endpoints under management, ControlUp enables IT teams to identify and diagnose issues promptly, highlighting challenges and remediating them as they arise. By leveraging ControlUp’s monitoring and automated remediation capabilities, IT teams can improve Citrix performance and enhance organizational productivity, ultimately ensuring optimal user experience.

For more information on using ControlUp DEX Platform and Citrix with the integration of uberAgent, and to access a free trial, visit the website here.

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