CyberSense 8.6 Released, Index Engines’ Latest Alerts Dashboard

Index Engines has unveiled the most recent release of its CyberSense software, version 8.6. This release introduces a redesigned user interface to facilitate smarter recovery from ransomware attacks. Additionally, it introduces new customizable Advanced Threshold Alerts, enabling proactive detection of abnormal activities. Moreover, it boasts unparalleled AI-driven detection of ransomware-based data corruption, streamlining recovery processes and reducing business interruptions.

CyberSense 8.6 provides an integrated experience for organizations to understand potential data corruption, detect malicious activity by threat actors, assess affected data, and view both clean and suspect backups and snapshots in an intuitive workflow. This update provides all of the information needed to support a curated recovery of clean data quickly and efficiently to resume normal business operations.

“Organizations lack robust cyber liability and data resiliency strategies and face significant obstacles in recovering from a ransomware attack ,” said Jim McGann, vice president of strategic partnerships at Index Engines. “With CyberSense 8.6, organizations gain enhanced insights to mitigate ransomware’s impact and expedite recovery to minimize business interruption. Additionally, new data threshold analysis features enable proactive detection of suspicious file-level activity, averting potential operational impact.”

CyberSense 8.6 ushers in a more proactive approach to ensuring data integrity against insider threats and external bad actors with a variety of customizable data threshold alerts. These alerts are based on metadata and content changes to files and can be created based on the quantity or percentage changes of modified files, altered file type, added/deleted files, or entropy or encryption across any host.

For enhanced proactive monitoring, the introduction of Advanced Threshold Alerts allows for the generation of alerts when specific files exhibit unusual behavior. Common scenarios for leveraging this new feature include defining honeypots or decoy files/folders to monitor for abnormal activity, as well as monitoring sentinel files expected to remain unchanged and alerting on any encryption or alterations.

CyberSense 8.6 also supports the RHEL 9.2 (LTS) operating system and VMFS file systems.

Also new in CyberSense 8.6 is the CyberSensitivity Index (CSI), to help CyberSense users understand the scrutiny data goes through to make sure it is clean and free of ransomware corruption. The CSI is the AI-powered brain behind CyberSense, measuring normal activity vs probable data corruption from ransomware.

The CSI has been trained on thousands of variants and hundreds of millions of datasets to detect signs of data corruption caused by ransomware with 99.5% accuracy. The CSI is now available for users to monitor and, optionally, adjust based on the needs of individual hosts.

“CyberSense 8.6 is a pivotal tool for enhancing cybersecurity resilience, offering advanced ransomware detection and smart recovery solutions,” said Darrel Kent, GigaOm Analyst. “Its innovative approach anticipates the complexities of cyber threats and offers a streamlined, intelligent recovery process. This advancement underscores the critical need for comprehensive strategies that span cybersecurity, cyber resilience, and cyber recovery to safeguard against and recover from the inevitable cyberattack.”

CyberSense detects and supports rapid restoration of data corrupted by bad actors, serving as the last line of defense for thousands of global organizations.

Leveraging advanced AI-based machine learning supported by over 200 content-based analytics, CyberSense detects ransomware corruption with precision, providing timely alerts and detailed post-attack reports for expedited recovery. Compatible with popular backup formats and offering flexible production storage deployment options, CyberSense is distributed globally through trusted partners, ensuring data integrity and peace of mind against evolving cyber threats.

Learn more about Index Engines’ CyberSense 8.6 at the website here.

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