Eagle MedWorks Connect Modular Telemedicine Cart System Announced

Eagle Telemedicine has introduced the latest Eagle MedWorks Connect modular telemedicine cart system, aiming to reduce the expenses associated with telemedicine services in modern hospitals. This comprehensive telemedicine cart integrates cutting-edge video, audio, and computing technology with industry-compliant telemedicine software. It offers an efficient solution that facilitates swift telemedicine implementation in hospitals.

“Increasing access to care through telemedicine shouldn’t be constrained by cost and technology implementation barriers,” said Jason Povio, CEO, Eagle Telemedicine. “To remove these obstacles, we have developed the Eagle MedWorks Connect modular telemedicine cart. Built, end-to-end, for clinical ease of use and seamless integration with existing hospital technology, the new cart solution is not only cost effective to procure, but even easier to implement, manage and use. It is an integral part of Eagle’s suite of solutions to improve access to care, anywhere.”

The Eagle MedWorks Connect cart and platform streamlines how physicians and patients interact, allowing for a seamless care experience. Architected to be highly scalable and modular, the MedWorks Connect platform integrates best-of-class audio\video functionality with clinical devices allowing for an optimal evidenced-based consultation that’s both economical and clinically optimized.

The modular telemedicine cart has been built to accommodate multiple telemedicine specialties, with a range of device and peripheral options from an interactive stethoscope and pulse oximeter to vital signs monitor, ultrasound probe, a spirometer and more. Offered in a standard PC, an all-in-one PC and a tablet option, the efficient telemedicine cart uses the reliable MEDWORKS telemedicine platform to deliver compliant and efficient integration with a hospital’s EMR along with advanced video and audio communications technology. The small, lightweight cart features a simple, streamlined design and spacious work-surface for flexible and convenient clinical inpatient and outpatient use. Customizable, with configuration options to meet any clinical evaluation requirements, the Eagle MedWorks Connect cart delivers reliable performance at up to 64% lower cost compared to traditional medical carts.

Available now, the Eagle MedWorks Connect cart is an integrated component of an Eagle Telemedicine program. Offering more than 17 telemedicine specialties, Eagle’s custom tailored telemedicine solutions enable sustainable healthcare for hospitals of every size. Read more information on the Eagle MedWorks Connect cart here.

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