Kyndryl’s Unified SIM to Deliver Integrated Global Connectivity

Kyndryl has announcedthe launch of a unified, multi-IMSI SIM service aimed at delivering extensive connectivity beyond Kyndryl’s current deployment of private LTE/5G connectivity in industrial settings to mobile devices. This data-only service will cover over 150 countries through global carriers and offers the flexibility to seamlessly switch between private LTE/5G and public mobile networks to optimize connectivity performance and cost-effectiveness.

For enterprises that rely on private LTE/5G networks to manage mission-critical infrastructure, Kyndryl’s unified SIM will provide security-rich, reliable private IP network access to integral services and applications, including IoT devices, machinery tracking, and automated digital procedures on mobile devices outside of the manufacturing plants. With performance and uptime being of utmost importance, Kyndryl unified SIM will automatically switch between private and public wireless networks in the event of network failure.

Transcending beyond Industry 4.0, Kyndryl unified SIM will benefit enterprises as they look to make corporate applications and tools available anywhere-and-anytime, and across all devices for today’s hybrid workforce. Kyndryl’s unified SIM delivers data connectivity with advanced security capabilities for business travelers and devices wherever they are, enabling secure connectivity to the corporate network while on the move.

“Private networks have become a catalyst in driving digital transformation and worker safety for the industrial sector. Kyndryl’s unified SIM expands the plethora of benefits from private networks beyond the manufacturing floor to mobile devices and employees on the go,” said Paul Savill, Global Practice Leader of Network and Edge Compute at Kyndryl. “From the frontline worker to the business traveler, the global accessibility of Kyndryl unified SIM, combined with the integrated wireless technology capability provides greater flexibility and security capabilities with enhanced coverage to the networking services managed by Kyndryl today.”

As organizations increasingly turn to SD-WAN/SASE to meet the data demands of SaaS and cloud applications, Kyndryl can provide end-to-end encryption to any public cloud for customers deploying Kyndryl unified SIM. Customers can leverage Kyndryl managed services and Kyndryl Bridge, the industry’s first open-integration technology services platform, to access and manage devices and infrastructure from remote locations. The streamlined connectivity offers customers the ability to reduce network redundancy, reduce operational costs, and optimize network services with minimal downtime.

For more information about Kyndryl and Kyndryl’s unified SIM, visit the website here.

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