LG Business Solutions Spotlighted at CES 2024

During CES 2024, LG Electronics is showcasing its vision for innovative commercial interactions, utilizing advanced technologies from LG Business Solutions to create more captivating and thrilling consumer experiences. Michael Kosla, Senior Vice President at LG Business Solutions USA, mentioned that the company has allocated a significant portion of its booth this year to highlight commercial technologies. This emphasizes how the well-established consumer technology brand is pushing the boundaries of consumer experiences beyond the confines of the home.

“CES 2024 shows how LG is dedicated to providing businesses with new tech-based opportunities that directly impact customer experiences by elevating service and offering novel capabilities,” said Michael Kosla, senior vice president, LG Business Solutions USA. “Through advanced digital displays, interactive robotic assistants and easy-to-use electric vehicle chargers, we are helping businesses create new environments to support an electrified future where physical spaces deliver personalization and individual engagement like online activities.”

Businesses have become increasingly focused on what is often referred to as “the customer journey,” which can involve everything from advertisements seen on mobile devices and customer loyalty programs to in-store product displays and attentive customer service. Utilizing various technologies from LG Business Solutions, companies can innovate new experiences and raise expectations to better attract and retain customers.

CES attendees can experience new customer journeys firsthand as they enter the business portion of LG’s booth through a chic entryway consisting of two large curved DVLED displays that evoke unique opportunities and portray an enveloping messaging platform that demands attention.

The atmospheric visual experience continues in the webOS Experience Zone, created with scores of curved LG OLED panels displaying the dazzling array of content available on LG smart TVs. This zone demonstrates how unique physical structures can be constructed with curved OLED display panels to create jaw-dropping multi-sensory immersive environments for events and attractions. (LG was named by the Consumer Technology Association as the “Official OLED Display Partner of CES 2024.”)

CES 2024 marks the official debut of the LG SIGNATURE OLED T – the world’s first transparent OLED TV with wireless connectivity. The groundbreaking 77-inch TV combines a transparent 4K OLED screen and LG’s wireless video and audio transmission technology to expand commercial applications. Visitors can also explore how LG’s latest transparent OLED displays can be utilized in public areas to provide unique product showcases, unobstructed space optimization, augmented wayfinding and traffic-stopping storefronts. With both LG’s transparent and wireless solutions, businesses and public entities have a broader range of options for displaying desired content, all while preserving an ambiance of open space and unobstructed views.

In the interactive hospitality and retail sections, a full array of technologies show how businesses can personalize and tailor services to each customer, bringing the convenience of online interactions into the real world.

Among the booth’s most unique contributions to the CES 2024 floor is the CLOi GuideBot, an autonomous robotic assistant developed specifically for commercial locations as diverse as restaurants, hotels, retail stores, stadiums, factories, warehouses, transit centers and school campuses. LG’s line of robots can transport products, guide customers, deliver food and beverages, and provide information to support a variety of businesses.

For a glimpse into the future, LG is showcasing its upcoming Level 3 EV Fast Chargers to demonstrate the company’s investment and support for the electrification of America. Featuring easy-to-install designs, expected UL and Energy Star certifications, and the proprietary e-Centric control platform, the fast chargers offer businesses and consumers carefree vehicle charging while enabling new revenue streams through integrated digital displays that can provide information alongside branded messaging or paid third-party advertisements.

“With LG’s cutting-edge products and solutions, the customer journey can now rival the depictions of technologically advanced societies seen in Hollywood, offering far more rewarding and engaging experiences,” Kosla said. “Every attendee who visits our booth will get to see and feel how LG is improving public and commercial interactions through creative and thoughtful technologies and installations.”

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