Maternal Fetal Medicine Expanded by Eagle Telemedicine Program

Eagle Telemedicine announced that it is expanding its Maternal Fetal Medicine (Tele-MFM) telemedicine program to help address the high maternal mortality rates in rural communities. This expanded telemedicine specialty is among 15+ healthcare specialties offered by Eagle Telemedicine which delivers on-demand virtual access to physicians in 35 states.

According to recent data maternal mortality rates are on the rise in the United States, with women living in rural communities at even higher risk. Race and ethnicity also show dramatic differences in the most rural counties with Black women experiencing 59.3 deaths per 100,000 live births, compared to 19.7 for White women in the same counties. By increasing access to Maternal Fetal Medicine in rural communities, Eagle is looking to help improve maternal heath outcomes.

“The growing physician shortage in America is having a particularly devastating impact on women in rural communities where there are much lower numbers of healthcare providers per capita,” said Jason Povio, President and Chief Operating Officer, Eagle Telemedicine. “At Eagle, our mission is to deliver specialized care, anywhere. As such, we are extending our physician specialist program for Maternal Fetal Medicine for rural hospitals. We hope to help address the maternal mortality crisis in under-served communities which have traditionally not had ready access to the specialized physicians that can deliver the life-saving treatments patients need.”

Eagle Tele-MFM services complement the telemedicine company’s additional pediatric and neonatology telemedicine services, which also includes neonatal ICU (NICU) services. With demand for pediatricians expected to rise by 15% by 2026, TelePediatrics and Tele-NICU services can further improve patient outcomes in rural communities where specialist care is scarce.

Eagle Telemedicine offers technology-enabled inpatient and specialty care to address the physician shortage challenge in both rural and metropolitan communities. With 15+ physician specialties, Eagle delivers more than 75,000 patient encounters, annually, to healthcare systems and hospitals, coast-to-coast in 35 states. Offering access to telemedicine specialists, 24/7, Eagle Telemedicine reduces patient referrals, increases physician retention and enhances hospitals’ overall quality of care.

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