Qualys Collaborates with Red Hat to Enhance Security for Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS and Red Hat OpenShift

 Qualys, Inc. announced it has collaborated with Red Hat to drive greater security for both the container and host operating system for Red Hat OpenShift.

Teaming with Red Hat, Qualys is offering a unique approach providing a containerized Qualys Cloud Agent that extends security to the operating system. The Cloud Agent for Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS on OpenShift combined with the Qualys solution for Container Security provides continuous discovery of packages and vulnerabilities for the complete Red Hat OpenShift stack. Built on the Qualys Cloud Platform, Qualys’ solution seamlessly integrates with customers’ vulnerability management workflows, reporting and metrics to help reduce risk.

“Security is one of the biggest areas of concern for nearly every organization, and we believe that a strong partner ecosystem helps to address these concerns by giving our customers a wide range of solution choices,” said Aaron Levey, Head of Security Partner Ecosystem at Red Hat. “Qualys’ Cloud Platform and Cloud Agent helps administrators gain deeper visibility into known vulnerabilities that may be present on their Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS nodes with pointers to associated Red Hat Security Advisories, leaning on the expertise of Red Hat as well as Qualys’ own skills in driving cloud-native security.”

The Qualys Cloud Agent for Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS on Red Hat OpenShift helps customers:

  • See the Full Inventory – Continuous visibility of installed software, open ports, and Red Hat Security Advisories (RHSA) for all Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS nodes with comprehensive reporting.
  • Manage Host Hygiene – Fully integrated on the Qualys Cloud Platform to automatically detect and manage host status related to patches and compliance adherence for known vulnerabilities.
  • Easily Deploy to the Host – Simplified deployment via the Qualys Cloud Agent to secure the host operating system. This approach eliminates the need to modify the host, open ports, or manage credentials.
  • Get Complete Coverage – Full coverage of Red Hat OpenShift and Qualys Container security delivers comprehensive visibility from the host operating system through to images and containers running on OpenShift.

“As security teams look to support modern applications built on cutting edge technology like Red Hat OpenShift, they need to secure both the running container images and the underlying OpenShift cluster,” said Sumedh Thakar, president and CEO of Qualys. “By collaborating with Red Hat, we have built a unique approach to secure Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS that provides complete control over containerized workloads enhancing Qualys’ ability to help customers discover, track and continuously secure containers.”

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