Raydiant Collaborates with Microsoft to Deliver New Virtual Tool to Build Stronger Remote Teams

Digital signage and experience platform provider Raydiant is excited to announce a collaboration with Microsoft in the creation of an advanced tool for virtual teams. Currently, 54% of remote workers report feeling disconnected from their company, and Raydiant’s SecondScreen, using Microsoft technology, was designed to address that need with a virtual tool that mimics the in-person communication of a live office.

SecondScreen is an all-inclusive, virtual communications and messaging hub for remote and hybrid workplaces. It combines face-to-face communication through clear video conferencing with internal communication tools and on-screen messaging—all on a hub separate from the main workstation. Raydiant’s partnership with virtual management solution provider Hoopla makes SecondScreen a comprehensive tool that also improves employee communication, performance, and motivation. Raydiant offers all of this on the new Microsoft Surface Go 2, combining the versatility of this 2-in-1 PC with the best in workplace productivity tools.

“With remote teams becoming the norm, we saw a need for a virtual tool that offered the same face-to-face communication you would get in the office,” says Raydiant CEO Bobby Marhamat. “Not only is it proven to boost employee morale, but it creates more cohesive teams and a stronger company culture overall. And as a Microsoft partner, we are excited to have their support in bringing this remote work solution to market.”

This new relationship brings Microsoft products to Raydiant’s robust platform, allowing Raydiant to offer the best virtual tools on the market. The new Surface Go 2 features a 10.5″ high-resolution touchscreen, up to 10 hours battery life, and an ultra-portable design that can be used as both tablet and laptop.

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