Cognizant Neuro Edge Revolutionizes AI Deployment at the Edge

Cognizant has launched Cognizant Neuro Edge, a new platform within the Cognizant Neuro suite, aimed at enabling businesses across various industries to harness artificial intelligence and generative AI at the edge.

Edge computing enables enterprises to access computing power via sensors and devices on their networks, reducing dependency on centralized servers and the cloud. Cognizant Neuro Edge is designed to power the entire value chain of edge AI, from chips and devices to applications and business solution deployments, shortening the path to business value.

The new platform expands Cognizant’s Neuro AI capabilities, offering a hybrid Cloud + Edge AI solution that supports instant decision-making and complements Cloud AI with deeper insights from longitudinal data. The industry agnostic platform offers advantages for industries where data privacy, security, and real-time decision-making are critical.

“Enterprises are increasingly embracing edge computing to enhance the responsiveness of their distributed devices and extract meaningful insights from the data they generate,” said Vibha Rustagi, Global Head of IoT and Engineering, Cognizant. “Cognizant Neuro Edge is a powerful example of Cognizant’s leadership in developing a new approach to layering of on-board computing and processing with cloud services, paving the way for businesses to unlock a range of generative AI-driven benefits around operational efficiency, cost and risk reduction.”

Neuro Edge facilitates real-time interactions with devices, helping businesses to accelerate decision-making, reduce data costs and privacy risks and maintain operational stability even in low bandwidth scenarios. The platform is cloud agnostic, making it ideal for hybrid-and-multi-cloud environments, with computing power placed directly at the device. Some potential key applications across industries include:

  • Healthcare: Assisting doctors in their real-time decision-making by drawing on diagnostic sensors;
  • MedTech: Enabling real-time, on device adjustment options and recommendations based on patient data;
  • Energy: Optimizing operations in power generation plants; optimizing response to weather events;
  • Logistics: Streamlining fleet performance and reducing downtime through in-vehicle data processing;
  • Telecommunications: Enhancing network security, resiliency and automation, leading to lower operating costs;
  • Manufacturing: Predicting equipment failures to help optimize uptime and operating costs;
  • Retail: Enabling intelligent video analysis for real real-time theft prevention and in-store traffic pattern monitoring to enhance customer service;
  • Automotive: Transforming driver and passenger experience by enabling real-time, context-aware and private recommendations via cloud connection.

As an example of an application in the automotive industry, Cognizant has been working with Qualcomm Technologies to deploy generative AI at the automotive edge and transform the driving experience.

“The automotive industry is going through unprecedented change affecting the entire ecosystem,” said Nakul Duggal, Group GM, Automotive, Industrial & Embedded IoT and Cloud Computing, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Our work with Cognizant to extend the Snapdragon Digital Chassis’ generative AI capabilities and build a connected services platform creates new opportunities for automakers to develop highly personalized and contextually relevant experiences for both drivers and passengers. We look forward to building new intelligent solutions together that will redefine the in-vehicle experience and drive the future of the automotive industry.”

Neuro Edge integrates APIs with the edge ecosystem, encompassing sensors, silicon vendors, edge devices, and enterprise applications. It offers a foundational architecture and illustrative applications tailored for diverse industrial scenarios. Additionally, it is equipped with monitoring agents that track performance and facilitate ongoing enhancements through feedback loops.

“Implementing AI with edge technologies will be important for firms looking to maximize the impact of their investment in both AI and IoT,” said Joel Martin, executive research leader for HFS’s technology, media, and telecommunications research at HFS, a leading global research and analysis firm. “I believe Cognizant’s Neuro Edge will be an important solution improving functionality, reducing latency, and securing AI at the edge with enterprise-grade capabilities.”

By using Neuro Edge, enterprises will be equipped to create and manage Edge AI applications faster and more easily. The platform helps demystify the intricacies of generative AI, enabling businesses to focus on business value.

For more information about Cognizant Neuro Edge, visit the website here.

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