Digital IT News Q&A: Entisys360’s Adam Bolio

Digital IT News recently sat down with Adam Bolio, EVP for Cyber Risk Services at Entisys360, an award winning IT consultancy specializing cybersecurity, cloud, automation, end-user computing, software defined infrastructure, and core infrastructure, with Microsoft expertise for business, government, education and healthcare.

Adam talked about his role, some of the challenges businesses face today when it comes to solving for cybersecurity challenges, and also offered his advice to cybersecurity start-ups.

Adam Bolio, EVP of Cyber Risk Services, Entisys360

Digital IT News: Can you share with us a little bit about Entisys360 and its vision?

Adam: We defined our vision by examining what worked from our experience in consulting firms, cyber technology sales, and cybersecurity program delivery, and combining the best aspects of each to create an optimal client experience. We are able to deliver the client experience of a top consulting firm while remaining tactical enough in the technology to support highly-technical integrations. Our vision is to be the premiere consulting-driven, cybersecurity products and services advisor.

Digital IT News: What are some of the vertical markets that Entisys360 focuses on?

Adam: We serve most industries but have organically developed a large focus in healthcare, with finance, technology and state government also constituting a substantial share of our business. Entisys360’s brand has predominantly served the West, mainly in California and Washington, in which have a large number of health systems as well as bio-tech and life sciences clients. Our ability to serve large organizations has created a natural focus on these industries.

Digital IT News: What is your role at Entisys360?

Adam: I am the Executive Vice President of the Advyz Cyber Risk Services Division. In this role, I lead the overall strategy, delivery and go-to-market approach for our division. Our team is comprised of leaders from my network who bring different capabilities and expertise to complement one another and allow us to serve the diverse needs of our clients. Given the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience within our team, we take a highly collaborative approach to innovation. Our primary focus is always on our client, even as it relates to innovation. In that vein, our current focus is on innovating the way cybersecurity technologies are employed for our clients rather than innovating the technology itself. Innovation is embedded in our process and we consistently seek new and better ways for our clients to leverage security tools to improve their security posture.

Digital IT News: What are some of the unique capabilities that Entisys360’s Advyz Cyber Risk Services brings to the table? How does the company differentiate itself in the marketplace?

Adam: The Advyz Cyber Risk Services Division is comprised of leaders who have delivered cybersecurity services in terms of decades, not years. Our singular focus is on delivering the right solutions for each of our clients to solve their unique risk problems. As such, we remain vendor agnostic. Instead of promoting specific technologies, our team brings their depth of knowledge and experience to serve as trusted advisors to our clients. In this way, we are able to bring people, process, and technology, and act as extension of our client’s team.

Digital IT News: What are some of the common cybersecurity pain points for customers?

Adam: Data privacy and protection is a very pertinent topic recently for many reasons. One is due to the exponential daily growth in data exchanged, and the number of places inside, and outside of, the network it which it lives. Another is the increasing number of laws and regulations in response to public demand for privacy and security, which has been fueled by the misuse or failure to secure consumer data. We are providing services in the forms of privacy program assessments and development, as well as well as advisory and technical services related to data protection.

Our privacy services help clients align their business to pertinent regulations. We can also help them build out their consumer facing privacy portals, which enable customers to make decisions about their data relationship with businesses.

Our data protection offerings help clients manage and monitor data across hybrid cloud infrastructure and in the use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. We can bring solutions that offer a single pane of glass view to an organization’s data, as well as automation of routine data protection activities.

Digital IT News: What advice would you give to today’s cybersecurity start-ups?

Adam: Focus on clients and their business. This will enable solutions that are achievable. I have seen so many products that fail because they don’t work in a business setting. New solutions need to be consumable, manageable and sustainable. Consumable translates to easy adoption that doesn’t require major efforts to get through an organization’s IT change management process. Manageable solutions should be cloud-hosted, with options to have maintenance functions, or more, managed. Sustainable solutions should address a point problem but have the ability to be used for a broader solution set, and have easy to use APIs that can plug and play as other IT services are introduced or retired.

Digital IT News: What are some of the areas that your organization is currently investing in?

Adam: We are investing into people and resources to be the go-to partner for cloud security and Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR). 

Cloud is where technology continues to move. Increasingly, remote workforces have expedited deterioration of the defined security perimeter. With our people and data everywhere, we need to help our clients integrate dependable security solutions across platforms in which their data travels and/or resides.

With data growing exponentially, countless connected devices being added to our networks, and ever increasing regulations, we need technologies that can reduce or eliminate the need for human intervention. This will increase what we can do, as well as let our people focus on higher function, critical tasks. Entisys360 is collaborating with some of the leading SOAR technologies to bring consulting driven solutions based on our clients’ current tools and process maturity.

About Adam Bolio EVP Cyber Risk Services, Entisys360

Adam has 22+ years of experience covering a broad range of security and project management specialties, including the design, management, execution and assessment of cyber security programs. Adam has advised and implemented cyber strategies and technologies in the national security, technology and healthcare communities. He received the Department of Homeland Security Information System Security Officer of the Year award and is a veteran of the United States Navy SEALs.​

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