HashiCorp Releases Fully Managed Service Mesh Solution with the HashiCorp Cloud Platform

HashiCorp announced new releases for HashiCorp Consul® and Vault™ on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP). HCP Consul, HashiCorp’s cloud service networking and service mesh product, becomes the first generally available service on HCP. HCP Vault, HashiCorp’s cloud security automation product is now available in public beta. Both are fully managed services operated and supported by HashiCorp experts, designed to help reduce the operational burden for enterprises and accelerate their transition to the cloud.

“Running applications on cloud infrastructure helps enterprises transform their businesses, but creates challenges from infrastructure complexity, skills shortages, and the new types of security threats they face,” said Armon Dadgar, co-founder and CTO of HashiCorp. “Our customers and community have been asking us for help to make it easier to get started with and to operate our products. With the HashiCorp Cloud Platform, we do the heavy lifting for them, making it much simpler for customers to get up and running with Consul as their production-ready service networking solution. We expect HCP to help organizations more quickly achieve their digital transformation initiatives.”

For enterprises working to deliver the business value of cloud but struggling with these skills and staffing shortages, HCP Consul and HCP Vault minimize operational burden, and allow organizations to focus on feature delivery and subsequently deliver more value to the business faster.

HCP provides push-button deployments of fully managed Consul and Vault offerings, with a vision to deliver managed offerings for all HashiCorp products across all cloud providers, enabling a consistent workflow to effectively operate multi-cloud environments. The HashiCorp Cloud Platform is available with initial support on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We are pleased to support HCP Consul and HCP Vault on AWS,” said Deepak Singh, vice president, Compute Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Customers can immediately realize automation benefits with HCP Consul, a production-ready, fully managed service mesh solution, which will help users to connect and secure connections between AWS workloads faster and with fewer resources via push-button deployment of fully managed clusters pre-configured for development and production.”

Together, HCP Vault and HCP Consul are key pieces of a zero trust security approach to cloud management and operations. HashiCorp enables zero trust security by placing trusted identity at the core of all critical pieces of modern security automation: machine authentication and authorization, machine-to-machine access, and human authentication and authorization, and human-to-machine access.

“Enterprises need to move faster and become more agile, through the practice of enterprise acceleration strategies,” said Holger Mueller, principal analyst and VP, Constellation Research. “Right now the management of multi-cloud next generation applications is a massive challenge. HashiCorp addresses this with the HashiCorp Cloud Platform, and it is good to see the first two services debuting on the platform with Consul and Vault. Effectively, HashiCorp is enabling enterprises to operate more efficiently in the era of infinite computing, delivering an infinite compute platform with HCP, allowing enterprises to operate in a multi-cloud environment faster and more efficiently.”

HCP Customer Adoption
During the HCP Consul and HCP Vault beta programs, more than 2,000 organizations signed up to participate, underscoring early interest for the HashiCorp-managed offerings.

HashiCorp customer VEERUM, a global SaaS provider that applies data visualization software to asset ownership, participated in the HCP Consul beta. VEERUM used HCP Consul initially to provide service discovery for their containerized workloads with plans to move to a full service mesh implementation with Consul. Using HCP Consul helps VEERUM offload the operational burden from VEERUM’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team, allowing them to focus on application improvements instead.

“VEERUM delivers its industry-leading visualization application to the world’s largest energy producers and builders. Using HCP Consul enables VEERUM to focus on client delivery requirements without the complexity of managing the underlying service network infrastructure Consul provides,” said Anderson Carvalho, lead SRE at VEERUM. “By minimizing overhead, the VEERUM team can focus on nurturing client relationships and implementing product updates, enabling scalable business growth.”

Contaim, another HCP Consul beta participant, offers users an easy way to host gaming applications through its cloud-based game server manager. Contaim uses Consul to provide service discovery and service mesh to connect and secure services across their containerized and bare metal environments.

“Deploying HCP Consul was incredibly simple — from logging into the account to deploying the HashiCorp Virtual Network and peering with Amazon VPCs — we were able to set it up easily,” said Scott Plunkett, founder, Contaim. “With HCP Consul, Contaim will be able to lower operational overhead and decrease the infrastructure required to manage and monitor Consul.”

About HCP Consul
HCP Consul is a production-ready, fully managed service mesh and service networking offering. Including both the open source and enterprise versions of Consul, HCP Consul is designed to help organizations discover, automate, and secure any service-to-service communications across any runtime platform. Unlike self-managed solutions, HCP Consul is designed to reduce the operational complexity of providing service discovery or running a service mesh. HCP Consul is available for individuals looking to consume Consul on-demand via self-service or as a shared service for large-scale enterprises.

HCP Consul offers platform-agnostic secure service networking and simplified service discovery across environments, which include Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and other AWS application environments using a Consul multi-platform service mesh.

About HCP Vault
HCP Vault is a HashiCorp-managed service for secrets management and data encryption. Including both the open source and enterprise versions of Vault. HCP Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys for protecting secrets and other sensitive data.

HCP Vault enables organizations to leverage all of the security and power of Vault without the overhead and complexity, maintenance, and associated costs. It provides push-button deployment, fully managed upgrades, backups, and monitoring, so organizations can focus on adoption and integration. HCP Vault provides clusters to fit into any environment and workload, and will offer flexible packaging to fit developers, development teams, and organizations of different sizes.

HCP Consul is now generally available with hourly and annual pricing. HCP Vault is currently available in public beta and is free during the beta period. To get started, visit www.hashicorp.com/cloud-platform

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