Kasm PWA Available on the IGEL App Portal

IGEL announced Kasm PWA is now available on the IGEL App Portal. This application, offering instant access to secure workspaces and Windows desktops, has been validated for use on IGEL OS devices through the IGEL Ready technology partner program. Therefore, it can now be accessed via the new IGEL App Portal Cloud Service, enabling fast and efficient app delivery to IGEL OS-powered devices.

“Together, IGEL and Kasm Technologies are delivering secure and seamless access to workspaces and Windows desktops for IGEL OS users,” said Jim Airdo, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances, IGEL. “By making Kasm PWA available via the IGEL App Portal, we are giving our mutual customers access to enhanced productivity with the ability to access Workspaces for Oracle and other Device as a Service providers, delivering a factory-to-end-user experience.”

“We are excited to partner with IGEL to bring Kasm PWA to IGEL OS-powered devices,” said Jaymes Davis, Chief Product Officer, Kasm Technologies. “Kasm PWA offers immediate access to secure workspaces and Windows desktops, empowering enterprises with enhanced efficiency and flexibility in their digital workspace environments. Our aim with the IGEL partnership is to drive a reduction of inflation and carbon use at the endpoint which can reduce 50% of existing IT software maintenance contracts. This leaves room for customers to increase their spending on modernization and more people to build on their next business priorities.”

Kasm PWA has been validated for use on IGEL OS-powered devices as part of the IGEL Ready partner program and is now available in the IGEL App Portal as part of IGEL’s cloud services. As a result, Kasm PWA is provided as part of a comprehensive Device as a Service (DaaS) model for enterprises aiming for expedited and seamless access to Workspaces for Oracle and other Device as a Service providers. This model ensures prompt application availability, effortless updates, and maximizes IT efficiency gains, all while delivering an unparalleled Digital Experience (DEX) to end users. Kasm Technologies collaborates with industry leaders like Lenovo, IGEL, and Oracle to offer a holistic DaaS solution, providing a factory-to-end-user experience.

To learn more about Kasm PWA available on the IGEL App Portal, visit the IGEL App Portal here.

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