Live EDA Software with IPRO’s eDiscovery Reduces Legal Cost by 90%

IPRO announced that it has deployed Live EDA – a new product that gives corporate legal teams the ability to conduct live information searches faster and more accurately than possible in a traditional eDiscovery process – to more than 125 customers.

In today’s world, the volume of corporate data and information is expanding faster than ever before due to the widespread use of communication tools like Box, Dropbox, iCloud, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Slack and many more. The risk of not having control over your internal data and information can significantly delay critical legal decisions. For legal teams, having Live EDA software offers the ability to quickly detect new legal risks as they emerge before collecting data using proactive AI driven discovery tools is a game changer.

IPRO, which takes pride in knowing and understanding customer needs, has developed a Live Early Data Assessment (EDA) solution that can connect to more than 20 data sources and display search results in one place. This makes it the only eDiscovery solution that lets legal teams conduct Early Data Assessments on live data where it resides, before any collection occurs.

Live EDA’s instant, in-place search capability reduces collection volumes by more than 80% versus traditional eDiscovery methods because less extraneous information is collected from the outset. This generates tremendous time and cost savings for IPRO’s customers by empowering them to make informed decisions about potential litigation before conducting a full eDiscovery process.

“We have spent more than 18 months testing and refining Live EDA with our customers to test its capabilities – and the feedback we have received has been tremendous,” said IPRO CEO Dean Brown. “After using Live EDA, our customers tell us they are saving time and money because they can make decisions quicker without having to rely on their IT department to run searches that are time consuming and often less accurate.”

In one breach of contract case, the traditional eDiscovery process would have required the IT department to collect more than 600,000 documents, or more than 200 gigabytes of data. IPRO’s Live EDA software was able to obtain the same results by collecting just 60,000 documents and just 60 gigabytes of data.

“The speed of IPRO’s processing capability directly resulted in the withdrawal of a seven-figure demand,” said Henry Lopez, a litigation support project manager in Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney Ltd.’s Chicago office. “Because of IPRO’s cloud infrastructure, we’ve expanded our firm’s eDiscovery capabilities and provided our clients streamlined, cost-effective and cutting-edge legal solutions.”

IPRO’s Live EDA uses artificial intelligence algorithms to search millions of documents for keywords, phrases or names – and can identify legal issues well before they become regulatory compliance issues or actual litigation. IPRO has rigorously developed the software so that it captures the information clients are seeking while also minimizing false positives.

With data generation volumes at many companies doubling every 12 to 18 months, IPRO anticipates demand for Live EDA will continue its rapid growth as companies realize the necessity of such a tool to manage their growing need.

“Our goal is to empower our customers to find the right information much earlier while also reducing costs, risk, labor and time,” said IPRO Chief Operating Officer Sarai Schubert. “We are rethinking and redefining the eDiscovery process and shaping a new and exciting path for this industry.”

To learn more, visit the IPRO website here.

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