Microsoft Copilot for Security Readiness Workshops Offered by Ontinue

CISOs and their teams are inundated with claims about how artificial intelligence will change the cybersecurity landscape, and there is certainly a lot of potential. Recent reports found that 95% of respondents view AI models as vital for the success of their business, and 55% of organizations plan to adopt GenAI solutions within the next year.

Ontinue announced it now offers Microsoft Copilot for Security Readiness workshops to help organizations understand how they can unlock the power of AI and get the most value from their Microsoft Security investments. 

Ontinue specializes in managed security operations tailored for Microsoft customers and its AI-powered MXDR service, ION, was built on the backbone of the Microsoft security and collaboration product portfolio. Ontinue aims to instill confidence in every organization by serving as an extension of their team, enhancing efficiencies, optimizing their investments, while strengthening their security postures. Earlier this year, Microsoft launched Microsoft Copilot for Security, a generative AI-powered assistant that empowers in-house security and IT teams to respond quickly to threats and upskill security practitioners. To help Microsoft Security customers understand how to get the most value out of Copilot for Security, Ontinue is offering Microsoft Copilot for Security Readiness workshops.  

“When an organization decides to implement AI-based technologies and services, most lack the expertise and therefore struggle to develop strategies and governance for the effective, safe implementation and usage of these offerings,” said Dave Gruber, Principal Analyst at ESG. “This is why finding the right Managed Security partner is so important, as they can help accelerate development and implementation of governance and security controls needed to ensure AI investments are secured and operationalized effectively.”  

The Microsoft Copilot for Security Readiness workshop is designed for Security Operations teams who are looking for guidance on implementing Copilot for Security securely and responsibly within their organization. The workshop offers:

  • A definitive understanding of whether Copilot for Security is right for your organization 
  • A solid understanding of how to use Copilot for Security to address your core use cases  
  • Copilot for Security Ninja certification preparation for all workshop attendees
  • A best-practice blueprint for the secure and responsible implementation of Copilot for Security


“Gen-AI is a key consideration for many organizations, and those already invested in Microsoft security are naturally intrigued by the potential benefits of Copilot for Security. At Ontinue, we see ourselves as an extension of our customers’ teams, and we’re happy to now offer this new workshop to help organizations maximize their security investments,” said Daniel Morris, Director of Consulting Services at Ontinue. “Copilot for Security makes in-house security teams faster and more efficient, and in conjunction with Ontinue’s ION MXDR service, we help organizations ensure around-the-clock protection while also increasing overall security program maturity, efficacy and scalability.” 

For more information about Ontinue’s Microsoft Copilot for Security Readiness workshops, including dates and registration information please visit the website here.

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