Modine Invests in Liquid Immersion Cooling for High-Density Data Centers

Modine revealed the acquisition of intellectual property and other designated assets from TMG Core, an expert in single- and two-phase liquid immersion cooling technology, specifically tailored for data centers with high-density computing needs.

“Modine’s investment in liquid immersion cooling technology advances our strategy to expand our global data center product offering and capture market opportunities that help us achieve our long-term growth targets,” said Neil Brinker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Modine. “This investment strengthens Modine’s position in the rapidly growing data center market, providing our customers with advanced solutions to support high-density, accelerated computing applications, such as generative artificial intelligence, 5G and machine learning.”

This investment positions Modine to capture share in the rapidly developing data center liquid cooling market, which analysts forecast to reach $7.8 billion by 2028. Liquid immersion cooling involves submerging IT servers in tanks filled with non-conductive fluid that dissipates the heat generated by the IT load. This process enables increased computing density in a sealed environment and supports reduced energy and water consumption, along with the potential for heat reclaim. Liquid cooling also serves edge data center applications where data processing must be closer to the source to reduce latency, such as in autonomous vehicles.

“Modine’s investment in liquid immersion cooling technology expands the innovative solutions our Airedale brand can offer throughout the thermal chain, allowing us to cover air, liquid and hybrid systems,” said Eric McGinnis, President, Modine Climate Solutions. “Our customers lean on us to help them solve the heat problem in next-generation, mission-critical IT applications where they need to maximize processing efficiency while complying with increasingly strict emissions and energy efficiency requirements. We look forward to working with our key customers and partners in this increasingly critical area, supplying complete systems with intuitive controls that are manufactured and supported globally.”

Learn more about Modine and  Data Center Liquid Immersion Cooling technology.

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