New AI-Powered Cloud-Native Observability Platform from Middleware

Middleware Lab, Inc., publicly launches its AI-powered cloud-native observability and monitoring platform. Middleware was founded to create a cost-effective solution to recent sea changes in cloud monitoring.

According to Gartner, 95% of systems will be cloud native by 2025. Cloud-native infrastructure presents major benefits—better security, scalability & efficiency for distributed teams—but there are also challenges. The proliferation of microservices and distributed systems generate overwhelming, complex & siloed data that often fails to provide DevOps teams with the necessary insights to troubleshoot in real-time.

Most observability tools available today are having below problems

  • They do not support cloud-native organizations; they collect massive amounts of data but cannot steam those into the right format.
  • Costs to monitor everything in the infrastructure and applications are incredibly high.
  • They don’t understand themselves or correlate it.

“Companies that want to stay competitive can’t rely on old, outdated technologies. We at Middleware want to empower organizations of all sizes to modernize their infrastructure with agile, scalable, and resource-light observability tools.” Said Laduram Vishnoi, Middleware CEO.

Most of the existing observability platforms aren’t helpful or usable as they don’t provide data and alerts with the right context.

So he explained how Middleware is different.

  1. We used AI and streamlined user workflows that’s provide alerts to the Dev team with the right data and context so that they can troubleshoot issues faster than ever. AI-based alerts can auto-trigger problems directly to the right developers without roaming here and there (from DevOps to solutions engineers to developers).
  2. Most businesses don’t correlate their observability and business data. This is a problem because powerful insights can be gained from analyzing the two side by side. For example, Amazon recently tracked that if their website slows by one extra second, they lose millions of dollars daily. This can be huge for eCommerce businesses, especially if they track a slowdown in orders—it could be due to poor application performance. The faster they fix the application, the more orders they receive and the more revenue they earn.
  3. Middleware’s advanced AI and machine learning algorithms constantly learn and gather data on application and infrastructure behavior to spot potential errors and issues before they even happen.
  4. Lastly, the higher cost is a bottleneck of today’s observability platform. Middleware lower cloud costs by ingesting data into a data warehouse, providing a model to connect s3 and Azure blob to store data, set data rotation policies, and secure the data.

As cloud-native and AI-powered technologies become the market standard, Middleware is ahead of the curve, not behind it.

For more information on Middleware, visit our website here.

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