NGS Accelerated by MemVerge and WaveRider for Sentieon Collaboration

MemVerge and Sentieon have joined forces to expedite next-generation sequencing (NGS) in the public cloud. This collaboration involves integrating the most efficient cloud automation platform, offered by MemVerge, with Sentieon’s advanced genomics software engine to create WaveRider for Sentieon. This feature enhances Sentieon’s performance by 40%, contributing to its existing 10x performance advantage in genomics analytics over open-source alternatives. Bioinformaticians and biotech researchers aiming to accelerate job completion and reduce cloud costs can benefit from this collaboration. Additionally, WaveRider for Sentieon users receive up to 5,000 core hours of free Sentieon usage per month as part of this collaboration.

Customers See Dramatic NGS Processing Improvements 

HZPC, a global market leader in genomics research for potatoes, was faced with the cost and time challenges of running thousands of long-running next-generation sequencing (NGS) jobs in the cloud. As more samples are collected, computation time increases rapidly. HZPC needed a platform that can both reduce computation time and related cloud costs. Using WaveRider for Sentieon, HZPC has seen dramatic performance improvements and cost savings.

“We have been impressed by the performance of the WaveRider for Sentieon solution. Early testing shows 4-5x speed-ups out-of-the-box, and we expect to improve the results as we fine-tune the solution. Faster processing coupled with leveraging spot instances is dramatically lowering our cloud cost too,” said Remco Ursem, Program Leader of Bioinformatics at HZPC Research. “This solution enables us to complete our NGS runs more efficiently than ever and will help elevate our research to a new level.”

WaveRider for Sentieon

Sentieon: Performance Beyond Open-Source Tools

Sentieon software provides both drop-in replacements for BWA-MEM, STAR, Minimap2, GATK, Mutect2, and large cohort joint calling, and additional variant calling pipelines with enhanced accuracy and speed. Sentieon software supports all currently available short reads and long reads sequencing platforms with:

  • Award-winning accuracy
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Vast cost reduction

The Sentieon tools achieve their efficiency through optimized computing algorithm design and enterprise-strength software implementation and achieve high accuracy using the industry’s most validated mathematics methods.

“By partnering with MemVerge, Sentieon is further widening access to its advanced genomics software engine and further improving the performance of Sentieon’s market leading products,” said Frank Hu, Product Management Director of Sentieon. “By combining with MemVerge’s Memory Machine Cloud, the WaveRider for Sentieon solution is truly the world’s fastest and most efficient next-generation sequencing (NGS) engine on public cloud.”

WaveRider: 40% Speed Improvement Over Baseline

MemVerge’s Memory Machine Cloud is a powerful and intuitive computing software platform for running data-intensive pipelines and interactive computing applications in the cloud. Its innovative WaveRider technology makes it possible to adapt cloud resources to the real-time needs of workloads. When Sentieon workloads are launched on Memory Machine Cloud, they are able to leverage its WaveRider technology to apply more resources when needed, and fewer resources when appropriate. The result is unprecedented performance and cost efficiency. For the Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) benchmark, the WaveRider for Sentieon solution improves performance 40% over baseline, while reducing cloud cost by 34% using AWS On-Demand instances. Even greater cloud cost reduction is achieved by using spot instances.

“The biggest hurdles for genomics researchers to leverage the public cloud are cost, resource efficiency, and ease-of-use,” said Jon Jiang, COO of MemVerge. “We designed Memory Machine Cloud to address those challenges through automation. By working to integrate our powerful cloud automation platform with Sentieon’s leading secondary analysis engine, we are making genomics analyses more efficient than ever and ultimately helping to accelerate discovery.”

WaveRider for Sentieon is available now. Through this integrated solution, MemVerge is sponsoring free access to Sentieon Genomics Software licenses for users of Memory Machine Cloud via the product’s app library. Memory Machine Cloud Essentials users receive 500 core hours of Sentieon a month. Memory Machine Cloud Pro users receive 5,000 core hours of Sentieon a month. Learn additional details on WaveRider for Sentieon Genomic Tools Data Sheet.

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