NME Available to the Public Sector Through Carahsoft’s Reseller Partners

Nerdio and Carahsoft Technology Corp. have announced a partnership, whereby Carahsoft will act as Nerdio’s Master Government Aggregator. This collaboration will make Nerdio’s leading product, Nerdio Manager for Enterprise, accessible to the Public Sector through Carahsoft’s reseller partners. It will also be available via NASA SEWP V, ITES-SW2, and NASPO ValuePoint contracts.

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise (NME) is a comprehensive IT management solution designed specifically for Government agencies. It offers centralized control, regulatory compliance, enhanced security, optimized resource allocation and improved collaboration capabilities, all tailored to meet the demands of modern governance.

“Our collaboration with Carahsoft represents a dual strategic initiative aimed at broadening our reach and advancing our ability to address the technological requirements of Government agencies,” said Joseph Landes, Chief Revenue Officer at Nerdio. “Through this partnership we’re empowering more organizations to seamlessly transition to the cloud, unlocking the full potential of modern technology. This not only fosters growth but also enhances service delivery, positioning us to effectively respond to the dynamic needs of Public Sector organizations across the nation.”

NME facilitates regulatory compliance by providing automated audits, policy enforcement tools and detailed reporting capabilities to demonstrate adherence to various Government regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA or NIST standards. It bolsters security with robust access controls, encryption protocols and advanced threat detection mechanisms, actively identifying and mitigating risks to safeguard sensitive data and counter cyber threats. NME’s scalability and optimization functionalities ensure efficient resource allocation by dynamically adjusting computing resources to optimize cost-effectiveness and performance during peak demand periods. Alongside integrated productivity tools and streamlined workflows, NME fosters collaboration and communication among agency personnel, enhancing productivity and responsiveness to citizen needs.

“Effective and efficient IT management is the cornerstone of any agencies’ success,” said Jenna Hafey, Director of Microsoft Sales at Carahsoft. “Carahsoft is proud to partner with Nerdio, and we look forward to working with our reseller partners to leverage this partnership for our Government customers. Together, we will empower the Public Sector to deploy and manage their virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) in Microsoft Azure through cost optimization.”

Nerdio’s software, hardware and services are available through Carahsoft’s SEWP V contracts NNG15SC03B and NNG15SC27B, ITES-SW2 Contract W52P1J-20-D-0042 and NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement #AR2472. For more information on Nerdio Manager for Enterprises (NME), schedule a demo here.

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