OCR Image Analyzer Unveiled by Symmetry Systems

Symmetry Systems has introduced its latest innovation: an advanced Optical Character Recognition, OCR image analyzer. This groundbreaking feature is set to revolutionize how businesses detect and secure business-critical images across hybrid cloud environments, encompassing all unstructured data object stores such as OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, and Snowflake. Additionally, this advancement has the capability to identify sensitive information hidden within various image formats and PDFs, offering support for over 100 languages.

“As regulatory requirements for document management are becoming increasingly stringent, having an OCR image analyzer is a critical data security capability for all businesses,” said Dr. Mohit Tiwari, CEO of Symmetry Systems. “By enabling the identification of sensitive and regulated documents, this advancement furthers our mission of helping organizations meet compliance standards more effectively and while improving their data security posture.”

Symmetry Systems’ modern approach to data classification continues into its new OCR capabilities. Recognizing that OCR can be both time-consuming and resource-intensive, Symmetry offers a solution that is not only efficient but also tailored to the unique needs of each client. Where other solutions rely solely on existing metadata, Symmetry Systems works closely with clients to strategically deploy OCR where it provides the most value, focusing on reducing data risks and enhancing classification based on existing metadata and context.

Additional key features and benefits include:

  • Enhanced Data Discovery and Visibility: Symmetry’s OCR capability provides businesses with enhanced visibility into their data stores, revealing critical images and information that were previously challenging to access.
  • Improved Data Security and Compliance Posture: With the ability to identify sensitive information within images and PDFs, Symmetry’s OCR technology allows businesses to identify potential data security and compliance issues.
  • Efficient Data Management: By automating the evaluation, tagging, and metadata enforcement of images, Symmetry’s OCR technology streamlines data retrieval and processing. This efficiency not only saves time but also significantly reduces the risk associated with improperly secured or non-compliant data.

To learn more about Symmetry Systems Optical Character Recognition, OCR image analyzer data security within AWS and hybrid cloud, visit the website here.

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