OPSWAT Adds BlackBerry’s Cylance AI to its MetaDefender Solutions

OPSWAT announced a collaboration with BlackBerry that will see the company’s MetaDefender platform integrated with BlackBerry’s Cylance® AI to deliver prevention-first, predictive security to combat the most advanced cyberattacks.

Having recently announced an update to its patented AI engine to significantly advance threat prediction capabilities for organizations by 40 percent compared with earlier versions, BlackBerry’s Cylance AI has unfailingly protected businesses and governments globally from cyberattacks since its inception, with a multi-year predictive advantage.

The Cylance OEM Engine provides embedded AI and ML to build zero-day security directly into IoT endpoints. Its risk scoring engine discovers and classifies malware and delivers actionable intelligence.

The integration of Cylance OEM Engine into OPSWAT’s MetaDefender platform represents a significant step forward in strengthening the cybersecurity defenses of organizations of all sizes and irrespective of industry, by improving the precision and efficiency of malware detection through the use of AI and behavioral heuristics.

“We are excited to partner with BlackBerry and integrate their patented AI technology into our MetaDefender platform,” said George Prichici, VP of Products at OPSWAT. “This collaboration validates our commitment to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to our valued customers. By combining OPSWAT’s expertise in threat detection and prevention with BlackBerry’s security offerings, we are confident that we will significantly enhance the protection of our customers against emerging cyber threats.”

“BlackBerry’s AI cybersecurity technology is trusted by businesses and governments worldwide. Our work with OPSWAT will provide organizations with next-generation cyber threat protection capabilities and enhance their ability to proactively defend against advanced attacks and stay ahead of emerging threats,” said Nathan Jenniges, Senior Vice President and General Manager of BlackBerry’s Cylance and UEM portfolios.

BlackBerry joins an ecosystem of over 70 partners who collaborate with OPSWAT to provide customers with seamlessly integrated technologies for enhanced security and operations.

To learn more about Blackberry visit the website HERE and OPSWAT, HERE.

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