SearchStax Launches Serverless Cloud Service

New offering enables developers to build web and mobile applications without worrying about sizing, provisioning, or managing infrastructure.

SearchStax, announced a new offering, SearchStax Cloud Serverless, that radically simplifies the management of Apache Solr workloads in the cloud.

SearchStax Cloud Serverless delivers a fast, scalable, and cost-effective Solr Service, allowing web and product teams to build quickly and scale automatically while optimizing resource utilization.

In today’s landscape, search infrastructure provisioning becomes a moving target. If overprovisioned, teams pay for idle resources, but if under-provisioned, teams risk poor performance, creating an unreliable environment and greater downtime, leading to a poor user experience and high abandonment rates. SearchStax Cloud Serverless complements the SearchStax Cloud offering by providing a deployment option that optimizes cost efficiency and delivers scalable performance, by eliminating the need for capacity planning and simplifying operations while reducing overhead.

SearchStax Cloud Serverless is ideal for teams building or maintaining search-powered applications with low to medium data volume, intermittent or seasonal traffic, and long idle times for lower cost. Typically, these projects need to avoid being locked into long-term contracts or technical lock-ins. By abstracting away server, CPU, memory, and network provisioning and management, SearchStax Cloud Serverless enables web teams to focus on differentiating features and building great web experiences. Web teams can save time by going from development to staging to SLA-backed production environments without being slowed down by the planning cycles associated with infrastructure. This means faster setup time, more flexibility, and seamless autoscaling within minutes or seconds, allowing for a better development workflow and configuration management experience.

“The introduction of SearchStax Cloud Serverless delivers market-wide innovation in the category of Search Infrastructure Management – our team is proud to be able to deliver a solution that enables developers to focus on implementation of business functions, without having to worry about constantly tuning the environment to meet dynamically changing needs. A major analyst firm forecasts that 25% of cloud IaaS buyers intend to utilize serverless in the next 12 months — one of the highest rates of planned adoption compared to other adjacent cloud services. Along with SearchStax Cloud, our managed Solr offering now enables an even greater number of search use cases across more industries, and delivers the capabilities needed for any organization to scale and grow toward operational maturity faster, more securely, and within budget,” said Sameer Maggon, Founder and CEO of SearchStax.

SearchStax Cloud Serverless is generally available. For more information, go to

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