SODA Tool Offered to SHI’s SAM and ITAM Customers

SHI International  announced that Oracle has verified its new product, SHI Oracle Discovery Application (SODA).  SHI International is one of North America’s largest IT solutions providers and member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

SODA provides an approved alternative to running Oracle’s license measurement tools and arms SHI customers with greater visibility into their Oracle deployments, such as where deployments are and how they are being used, so they can better understand licensing positioning, or respond to an audit. Engineered for speed and simplicity, SODA scans for details about the installed software and server environment and quickly and accurately provides data on product features, options, and management packs across any physical or virtual platform.

SHI will incorporate SODA as a feature of an Optimized License Position, Software Asset Management (SAM) Services, and Audit Management services within SHI’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) practice. SHI’s end-to-end ITAM and SAM services allow organizations to remain compliant, accurately budget true-up bills and audit fees, and optimize deployments to eliminate overspend.

“With this verification, SHI is positioned to help customers both use SODA and develop ongoing solutions based on the intelligence it provides,” said Neil Frodsham, Global Director of ITAM Services at SHI. “We want to ensure that our customers have deployed Oracle in a manner aligned to their contracts, and that they gain the business value they intended as Oracle’s solutions are typically business critical. This verification from Oracle confirms the unique value that both our ITAM practice and our technology offers, and better positions us to help organizations manage their Oracle contracts.”

The SHI team engineered SODA with speed and simplicity in mind to deliver information needed to manage database assets quickly with minimally invasive protocols and security levels. SODA produces a complete, Oracle-certified inventory of an enterprise’s database licensing obligations and reports how Oracle would determine the use. With continuous scanning, SODA maintains control over Oracle database licensing costs and includes the expert advice of SHI’s license consultants to ensure deployments are managed properly.

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