SYSPRO ERP Software Released to Empower Businesses to Work Smarter

SYSPRO announced the immediate availability of SYSPRO 8 2023, the latest release of the SYSPRO ERP Platform. This release includes more than two dozen new capabilities and features including advanced quality control, seamless automation, enhanced warehouse functionality, increased security and connectivity, and even more predictive power through enhancements to SYSPRO Embedded Analytics.

SYSPRO ERP has new capabilities, modules, and features including:

SYSPRO Quality Management – Fully integrated into SYSPRO ERP, this new solution enables manufacturers to oversee all activities and tasks required to maintain a desired level of excellence. Manufacturers can set their own quality control standards in their business, achieve less variability, and improve overall customer satisfaction as it enables them to inspect and approve quality at each process throughout the supply chain quickly and effectively. Quality managers have instant access to all the critical information required to track a suspect product, from delivery of raw materials to customer delivery. Functionality includes customer complaints, recall management, and configurable inspection capabilities.

Document Services: AP Invoice Automation – This capability enables businesses to process supplier invoices faster with more accuracy while simultaneously reducing costs. AP Invoice Automation extracts data from invoices and automatically matches it with existing information in the system.

Embedded Analytics Big Data Connectors – Just one of several enhancements to SYSPRO Embedded Analytics, this feature enables organizations to seamlessly connect to cloud and other data sources, consolidating information for comprehensive analysis. Organizations can scale analytics capabilities to handle growing volumes of data, such as IoT capture, to ensure they can accommodate current and future data interrogation needs.

Pricing Engine: Product Catalog – This new capability enables businesses to create a comprehensive catalog of their products with associated pricing and promotions. It’s customizable for different sales channels and facilitates seamless online sales, more effective marketing promotions, and efficient pricing management. Ultimately, it drives revenue growth and higher customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) Marshaling – This new feature enables manufacturers to easily streamline staging and packing of sales orders to enable the efficient consolidation of multiple orders for a customer into one shipment, generate accurate manifest documents, and flexible printing of outer labels and manifests based on packaging constraints and stock items shipped. With WMS Marshalling, organizations can accelerate order fulfillment, improve accuracy, and increase customer satisfaction.

Single Sign On (SSO) – Users can now log in to SYSPRO using their existing Microsoft, Google, or LinkedIn accounts, which streamlines the login process and enhances user convenience. Administrators can easily manage user access and permissions through centralized identity providers, reducing administrative burden and ensuring consistent user authentication across multiple applications.

“In recent years, rapid advancements in society, economics, and technology have ushered in a profound transformation in manufacturing priorities. Simultaneously, shifting consumer behaviors have placed an unwavering emphasis on both quality and instant gratification,” said Paulo de Matos, Chief Product Officer, SYSPRO. “These emerging challenges have necessitated an unrelenting commitment to elevating systems and processes to new heights of efficiency, quality, and automation. With the launch of SYSPRO 8 2023, we are dedicated to equipping mid-market manufacturers and distributors with the tools and capabilities required to navigate these turbulent waters effectively.”

For more information on SYSPRO ERP Software, please visit the website HERE.

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