“The Attic” IGEL Interview Series, Featuring EUC Experts and Visionaries

IGEL announced that its podcast series “The Attic” is now available across all major podcast stations, including Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music and more. The podcast offers an insider view of an increasingly critical part of the tech world, featuring interviews with leading end-user computing (EUC) industry innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Now, as it enters its second season, The Attic is available on both YouTube as well as on all major podcast channels.

Hosted by IGEL CEO Jed Ayres, the podcast digs deep into the remarkable origin stories of its guests, uncovering how an entrepreneurial DNA plays an early role in the lives of these leading executives. Each episode offers a freewheeling chat with major players in the EUC space, as they share their stories about how they got their start in tech, built successful companies and what they learned about leadership along the way. The podcast’s title pays homage to the original attic in Bremen, Germany where IGEL first got its start 20 years ago by exploring startup and growth stories across the industry.

Tune in to listen to all eight episodes of The Attic’s first season which include interviews with:

  • Episode 1: Mark Templeton, a towering figure in the EUC world who led Citrix to massive growth.
  • Episode 2: Brian Madden, legendary EUC blogger and Lead Technologist in VMware’s EUC Office of the CTO
  • Episode 3: Tyler Rohrer, Founder of Remotely and Co-Founder of Liquidware
  • Episode 4: Kevin Goodman, Director of Product Management for AWS
  • Episode 5: Nabeel Youakim, Chief Development Officer for Tehama
  • Episode 6: Sanjay Poonen, EUC visionary, previously with VMware and SAP
  • Episode 7: Christiaan Brinkhoff, EUC influencer and Principal Product Manger and Community Lead for Microsoft Windows 365
  • Episode 8: Tarkan Maner, EUC entrepreneur and former Wyse CEO, Nexenta CEO and Nutanix CCO

“Famous tech companies start in humble places and the twists and turns in their growth make for fascinating stories,” said Ron Bowman, Vice President, Digital and Communications, IGEL. “The Attic is a home where these stories are explored so we can all learn from the different ways the magic happens to create, accelerate and disrupt the industry. We’re excited to now make this ongoing, thought-provoking and often surprising series available to everyone on their podcast channel of choice.”

New episodes are added to The Attic every month. Tune in to The Attic by subscribing to the IGEL YouTube Channel or visit The Attic on PodBean for direct links to all of the ways to listen in on your preferred podcast platform.

To learn more about IGEL, the provider of the managed endpoint operating system for secure access to any digital workspace, or “The Attic” click here.

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