Userful’s Data Dashboards Revolutionizes Mission-Critical Healthcare Operations

Userful Corporation introduces its groundbreaking data dashboards solution, revolutionizing the distribution of visual information for essential healthcare operations. By utilizing the Userful Infinity Platform, this industry-first solution empowers healthcare professionals to significantly enhance service quality and patient outcomes.

Userful’s Data Dashboards is the only solution in the industry that offers centralized access to data, seamlessly integrating with top-tier Electronic Health Records (EHR) operations platforms and business intelligence platforms such as Epic, Vida, PowerBI, Tableau, and Siemens. These integrations ensure a cohesive central approach to data management in the healthcare industry while ensuring accessibility to the right teams without compromising security or patient confidentiality.

The ability to enable quick decision-making based on real-time data is critical in modern healthcare. The solution allows healthcare professionals to securely aggregate and distribute visual metrics in real-time within a single platform elevating overall operational performance.

“This solution is a game-changer. By leveraging the Userful Infinity Platform, we’re empowering healthcare professionals with the data they need to make informed decisions that save time, improve efficiency and ultimately, save lives,”said, John Marshall, CEO, Userful.

Traditional dashboard solutions face challenges such as data accessibility, secure integration of multiple tools, and high software licensing costs. Userful’s data dashboards go beyond traditional solutions and address these issues by creating a secure API-based connection, reducing the number of licenses, and providing a centralized hub for visualizing and distributing vital information across nurses’ stations, waiting rooms, emergency departments, meeting rooms, and admin areas.

Userful’s data dashboards solution is transforming healthcare operations:

  • Reduce wait times: Monitor patient flow and optimize scheduling to minimize patient frustration.
  • Optimize bed management: Gain real-time bed occupancy to ensure efficient patient placement.
  • Staffing visibility: Track staff availability for improved resource allocation.
  • Appointment scheduling: Boost patient access to care with clear appointment availability.
  • Inventory management: Monitor critical supplies and equipment to avoid stockouts.
  • Surgery suite efficiency: Track status for smoother surgical workflows.

Userful’s  data dashboards solution will be showcased through exclusive executive meetings at HIMSS 2024, demonstrating its commitment to innovation in healthcare operations.

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