Virtual Test Administration is the Perfect Fit for Telehealth

ABK Remote Drug Testing, Inc., owner of eRAMx™ Live Remote Drug Testing, and Cynergy Wellness, Inc. announce an exclusive partnership to deliver virtual test administration and result interpretation to the workplace and direct to consumer health screening market. ABK Remote Drug Testing, Inc. is a national provider of physician oversight, medical review officer services, and telehealth.

ABK Remote Drug Testing owner Danny Koester says, “We are confident that pairing the eRAMx™ patented technology with the expertise of the Cynergy Wellness nationwide physician network will provide employers and consumers with the most advanced, streamlined remote testing platform available in the U.S. today. The past few years have shown a greater acceptance of virtual testing, spurred in part by the challenges posed by the pandemic. Our service expansion, patent pending, in combination with our partnership will create the efficiency, cost savings, and safe access to a wide range of diagnostics, enabling individuals to thrive.”

Angela Moore, CEO of Cynergy Wellness, Inc. says, “Virtual test administration eliminates paid time away from work and lost productivity for applicants, employees, and consumers, delivering unmatched convenience for those challenged by mobility or geography. In as little as 15 minutes, diagnostics historically performed in a traditional clinic setting can now be done from anywhere through a secure mobile connection to a medical professional. We believe our prescriptive authority and virtual test administration through the secure eRAMx™ technology benefits the individual, the employer, and the medical community.”

The Cynergy Wellness, Inc. physician practice is licensed in all states, processing millions of medical review services and health consultations annually. Combining its industry experience and scale with the eRAMx patented remote drug testing collection technology and PATENT PENDING remote collection for hair, nasal, oral, and blood samples, fulfills a growing demand for remotely administering and interpreting diagnostics for drug testing, Covid-19 testing, blood diagnostics, and many other assessment services for health and related screening.

Dr. Murray Lappe, Chairmen of Cynergy Wellness Inc., is widely known as a pioneer in the development of technology-enabled workplace screening programs. “The acceptance of oral fluid testing methods in both federal and non-federal drug screening programs, along with the rapidly expanding need for access to Covid-19 surveillance in the workplace make virtual test administration a natural fit for our telehealth capabilities.”

Under this partnership, domestic employers and consumers will benefit from a full menu of remote drug screening, Covid-19 testing, and many other health assessment capabilities using live observation and digital record retention. Both laboratory test collection and point-of-care test and result interpretations are conducted by highly trained staff under the supervision of licensed medical professionals.

To learn more visit: RAMx Live Remote Drug Testing or Cynergy Wellness, Inc.

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