AWS IoT SiteWise Edge Available on Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace

Siemens and AWS are collaboratively simplifying the convergence of IT and OT through Siemens Xcelerator, offering an integrated edge-to-cloud experience. A significant development is the availability of AWS IoT SiteWise Edge on the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace as a dedicated application. This allows users to deploy the software on Siemens Industrial Edge for efficient app and device management, fostering a seamless integration of edge and cloud capabilities. This integration empowers industrial enterprises to optimize their operations by collecting, organizing, and analyzing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data at scale, facilitating informed, data-driven decision-making.

By accessing AWS IoT SiteWise Edge through the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace, users gain the flexibility to tailor their IoT solutions to specific challenges. This includes the incorporation of various apps and edge devices, not only from Siemens but also from other vendors. This on-premises software, an integral part of AWS’s Industrial IoT services portfolio, facilitates the local collection, processing, and monitoring of equipment data, ensuring operational insights even in environments without an internet connection. The collaboration between Siemens and AWS thus provides a comprehensive and adaptable solution for industrial enterprises seeking enhanced efficiency and optimization in their processes.

Siemens launched its open Industrial Edge platform in 2018, and expanded it in October 2021 with the Industrial Edge Marketplace, an independent, cross-vendor app store where industrial customers can buy apps from different IoT providers. The Industrial Edge platform and Marketplace are part of Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform, which creates an open ecosystem for collaboration between customers, Siemens, and complementary third parties. And as such they are also part of Industrial Operations X, an open and interoperable portfolio for automating and operating industrial production.

“The addition of AWS IoT SiteWise Edge to our Industrial Edge Marketplace creates new opportunities to deploy edge and cloud applications at scale and manage closedloop automation workflows“, says Rainer Brehm, CEO of Factory Automation at Siemens. “Our customers are constantly facing new challenges to boost productivity, flexibility, and sustainability across their production processes. To help them, Siemens is expanding its traditional strong OT portfolio by integrating IT and software capabilities into automation with Industrial Operations X.” With Industrial Operations X, Siemens provides its customers also with an integrated portfolio of operations software combined with an open ecosystem.

Leveraging edge and cloud to simplify IT / OT integration

With AWS IoT SiteWise Edge on Industrial Edge, AWS and Siemens will accelerate and simplify the machine to-edge and edge-to-cloud experience. Customers need less time to start ingesting data into the AWS cloud and use further AWS services, e.g., for simplified data and workflow management or Industrial artificial intelligence (AI) workflows on the edge and the cloud. Today, the majority (74%) of customer IoT projects remain isolated experiments (Source: Beecham Research “Why IoT projects fail”), require a long period of time to deploy at scale or do not achieve the expected return on investment (ROI) due to a heterogeneous landscape of OT (Operational Technology) and IT systems. This results in data being difficult to access and use, as it is often restricted to a single machine or shop floor. Customers can now start to unlock the value of industrial data by processing it in workflows which today they must choose to run either on the edge or in the cloud. AWS IoT SiteWise Edge on Siemens Industrial Edge helps build a secure, flexible edge-to-cloud infrastructure that can deliver data where it is needed and run hybrid workflows, simplifying IT / OT convergence.

Rapid development, scalability, and repeatability of IIoT use-cases

Customers using AWS IoT SiteWise Edge and Siemens Industrial Edge benefit from a wide range of industrial connectivity options, data storage and management, security capabilities, and analytics and visualization technologies across the edge and the cloud. With this offering, automation engineers, maintenance technicians, and operations managers can decide what data needs to be collected and where it is stored, processed, or analyzed. With Industrial Edge, the IoT solution development and deployment becomes easy, secure, and scalable.

Extracting value from industrial IoT data to optimize industrial operations

With AWS IoT SiteWise Edge, businesses can increase production efficiencies, improve manufacturing operations by monitoring performance metrics, and optimize asset maintenance through remote asset monitoring using historical and real-time data.

The Siemens Industrial Edge Ecosystem is growing, with more and more edge apps and devices being available on the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace. With today’s announcement, Siemens and AWS bring the power of industrial automation (OT) and the cloud (IT) together to offer a streamlined machine-to-edge and edge-to-cloud experience to manufacturing customers.

Find AWS IoT SiteWise Edge on the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace.

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