Cat 13 Variant of the Telit LN920 M.2 LTE Data Card Series Newly Launched

Telit announced a new Cat 13 variant of the ultra-compact Telit LN920 M.2 LTE data card series that launched in 2021. Fully compatible with existing Cat 6 and Cat 12 LN920 data cards, the new variant adds a cost-effective modem to Telit’s product line for customers developing uplink-centric applications such as video streaming.

The LN920A13 is ideal for mobile computing, enterprise routers, video streaming and IoT devices that specifically need fast upload speeds (150 Mbps). The LN920A13’s download speeds (400 Mbps) make it ideal for applications that send and receive large volumes of data to and from a remote server. The new Cat 13 variant, which also comes with high-precision GNSS location and WCDMA (3G) fallback, provides customers with greater scalability when developing applications based on the LN920 series.

LN920 Variant             


Maximum DL             

Maximum UL


Cat 13

400 Mbps

150 Mbps


Cat 12

600 Mbps

150 Mbps


Cat 6  

150 Mbps

50 Mbps

The LN920 series supports all cellular bands between 600 MHz and 3.7 GHz, including CBRS (band 48) and first responder (band 14), making it ideal for both public and private LTE applications worldwide. This broad-spectrum support — along with certification by major regulators and Tier 1 operators in the U.S., CanadaEuropeJapan and Australia — enables rapid development of global SKU devices.

“We are one of the two vendors worldwide offering a Cat 13 variant to customers,” said Marco Stracuzzi, head of product marketing at Telit. “This amplifies our continued commitment to provide the most advanced solutions for OEMs that want to get their new mobile computing and IoT devices to market quickly and on a global scale.”

To learn more information on the Telit LN920, visit the website here.

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