Juice Power Formed from Juice Technology and Eros Electric

Juice Technology AG announced the founding of Juice Power AG. Juice Technology AG is leading the market in portable chargers for electric cars and producer of electric charging stations and software. Demonstrating a clear commitment to sustainable electromobility, Juice Technology formed Juice Power as a result of a merger with Eros Electric, an independent association that has been supplying clean energy, around the clock, to power the electric vehicles.

Eros Electric was founded in 2016 by Juice Technology AG Founder and CEO Christoph Erni and Jörg Huwyler, Head of Hydropower and Biomass at Axpo. It features sub-participations in two classic hydroelectric power stations, Frisal and Eglisau. Now, as it merges with Juice Technology to form Juice Power, it is expanding access to ecological energy generation from renewable sources which generate power at the same time the energy is drawn during the charging process.

“The demand from drivers of electric cars for energy from demonstrably green production is increasing unabatedly,” said Erni. “If we want to charge our cars using green energy in real time, we must make use of green sources of energy which can be regulated, such as hydropower.”

According to Erni, incorporating energy generation is only the next logical step in developing electromobility. “We always say: ‘Sustainable mobility starts with sustainable charging infrastructure.’ But this is only the beginning. This is why we are now going one step further. The electric car, the charging station and the energy to charge the car’s battery must be viewed as inseparable components of an overall concept. Electromobility as a whole will only be more ecological once everything is generated and powered with as few emissions as possible, from start to finish.”

Juice Technology’s Commitment to Sustainability

For Juice Technology, ecological activity is not just about getting rid of exhaust emissions. Juice’s commitment began with the planting of trees to offset the CO2 produced when manufacturing and transporting charging stations. Now, the company is going even further with the production of as much green energy as is required for drivers of electric cars. In this way, every journey should be CO2-neutral, at the very least. Even those who are already purchasing green energy can overcompensate for their carbon footprint by embracing the real-time use of hydropower.

Juice has entered the North American market with a version of the in Europe most popular portable wall charger Juice Booster 2 specially developed for this region – the J+ BOOSTER 2.

For more information about Juice Technology visit the website here. For more information about the US subsidiary visit Juice Americas here.

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