Quadrant Solutions has Named LeanIX as a 2020 SPARK Matrix Leader

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix evaluation examined LeanIX and fourteen other vendors by evaluating the company’s product portfolios, technology strategies, market presence, and customer value proposition.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix provides a snapshot of the key market participants and a visual representation of their positioning. It also provides strategic insights on the ranking of participating vendors in relation to their competitors along several axis, representing a range of performance parameters, coinciding with technology excellence and customer impact.

Driven by the impact of Covid-19, the global economy, along with the major industries, is facing significant challenges and a negative growth. Covid-19 has impacted the market for overall digital transformation and enterprise software, including enterprise architecture and innovation management. Despite the economic recession and associated negative impact on technology investments, the EA tools market is expected to continue with its growth momentum in 2020, and during the forecasted years of 2020-2025. Quadrant analysts believe that from the year 2021 onwards, the technology investments will see an upward trend again, driven mainly by the pent-up demand in addition to eventual economic recovery of the key markets across the geographical regions.

According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions analysis, “LeanIX has scored strong overall ratings across the performance parameters of technology excellence and customer impact for the global Enterprise Architecture Tools market. LeanIX has emerged as the technology leader in the 2020 SPARK Matrix of the EA tools market.”

According to Divya Baranawal, Research Director at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “LeanIX’s comprehensive functional capabilities backed by the flexible data model, multi-modal database, open APIs, and collaborative workflow capabilities, is well positioned to support enterprises in transforming their strategic planning, driving innovations and continuous improvements, in addition to improving their overall competitiveness. With a continued focus on improving product usability, advanced analytics and reporting capability, apart from effective execution of its market growth strategy, LeanIX is expected to increase its market share in the global EA tools market.”

“We are pleased to be named as a 2020 leader in the Spark Matrix Enterprise Architecture Tools market research,” said André Christ, CEO and Co-founder, LeanIX. “Our LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Suite continues to provide value to CIOs and enterprise architects as they look for ways to simplify the management of their IT landscape with an intuitive tool that enables them to make actionable decisions based on data.”



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