NVIDIA Fleet Command Scales Edge AI Services for Enterprises

NVIDIA announced general availability for its NVIDIA Fleet Command™ managed edge AI services platform, which helps companies solve the problem of securely deploying and managing AI applications on NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ across thousands of locations.


NVIDIA Fleet Command’s remote management software lets businesses securely roll out and manage their AI applications without sacrificing the real-time processing of edge computing. Specifically engineered to ease a company’s IT burden, Fleet Command helps democratize AI everywhere by letting users quickly install, update and manage software from a central location.

Early adopters of Fleet Command include the world’s leading retail, healthcare and logistics companies, and the specialty software companies that work with them.

“The ability to deploy and manage AI applications at the edge is one of the most complex problems facing businesses as they move toward an Internet of Things era, including smart factories, intelligent retail and smart cities,” said Manuvir Das, head of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA Fleet Command drives efficiency across a business, helping scale edge AI with unprecedented speed.”

Within minutes of installation, the platform lets administrators add or delete applications, update system software over the air, and monitor the health of devices spread across vast distances.

Improving Accuracy and Speed
Bollore Logistics, a top 10 retail logistics company with more than 700 distribution centers globally, is moving to use AI to improve the accuracy and speed of order fulfillment in its distribution centers. The company is implementing a solution from NVIDIA partners Dematic and Osaro, which will be using Fleet Command to deploy and manage AI applications across hundreds of locations.

End-to-End Creation to Deployment
The AI deployment and management tool, offered by subscription from NVIDIA, can be combined with NVIDIA Base Command, a cloud-hosted development hub that lets enterprises quickly move their AI projects from prototypes to production. The platforms together allow businesses to quickly conceive, deploy and manage edge and industrial AI.

Data Monsters has been one of more than a dozen early access partners using Fleet Command. The AI consultancy is working with one of the world’s largest beverage companies to deploy and manage software across its many manufacturing facilities to catch dents and wrinkles in consumer cans through computer vision, and to notify employees when problems arise.

“Fleet Command provides a unified approach for secured deployment and management of computing resources at scale, including hardware resources provisioning, deployment automation and monitoring. And it provides integration with NVIDIA GPU Cloud — a single global and private registry for application containers and DNN models,” said German Suvorov, head of Industrial AI at Data Monsters. “All these features enable seamless scaling of our edge AI applications over a network of manufacturing sites globally.”

NVIDIA Certified
NVIDIA-Certified Systems bring together NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPUs and NVIDIA networking in servers from leading NVIDIA partners. Systems certified by NVIDIA are configured to deliver excellent performance for edge AI workloads and are optimized for Fleet Command.

Fleet Command is a leading solution of the NVIDIA AI LaunchPad program, also announced. Delivered through hybrid-cloud providers, AI LaunchPad gives enterprises immediate access to NVIDIA-powered infrastructure and software to streamline the entire AI lifecycle.

The Fleet Command hybrid-cloud managed service is available direct from NVIDIA to accompany edge AI deployments with NVIDIA-Certified Systems.

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