Red Kubes Launches a Cloud Native Expertise Subscription

Red Kubes introduces a professional services subscription specially designed to support users throughout their cloud native open source journey. Available to both Otomi users as well as non-users, this (CNE) Cloud Native Expertise Service provides remote assistance for Kubernetes itself and all the open source components also supported by the Otomi Platform.

Red Kubes understands the complexity of the wider landscape and integrations that need to be supported by platform teams today. It’s commonly known that a lack of sufficient skills and support is a key inhibitor that hampers their ability to harness the full potential of Kubernetes and Otomi in their application development. Red Kubes’ mission is to accelerate modern applications to production and have companies reap the benefits from Cloud Native architectures. According to studies of the CNCF, companies are challenged with adopting Kubernetes due to the lack of skills and support. Drawing upon their expertise, experience and insights, Red Kubes introduces a third party remote service subscription to address the problem.

“This new service will support customers with the required skills and support from us to start building a PaaS leveraging Kubernetes and its ecosystem. It will enable them to expedite the adoption of Kubernetes and consequently, accelerate the deployment of applications into production”, says Rouven Besters, CEO van Red Kubes.

Offered as a convenient subscription, the remote service encompasses a range of resourceful features such as architectural design, troubleshooting & issue resolution, assistance with best practices & performance optimization, training & enablement, and advice on security & compliance.

Red Kubes created Otomi with a clear vision: a first-of-its-kind open source platform that delivers automation, integration and configuration of all required technologies to “Code, Deploy & Run containerized apps in production, enabling companies to accelerate their projects’ time to market. The platform, being stable, feature-rich and with its self service capabilities for developers and platform engineers, has come a long way since its inception. The latest development in its journey, the release of Otomi’s Version 1.0 is a significant milestone in its maturity.

To learn more about Red Kubes, visit the website HERE.

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