Anova Transcend™ Industrial IoT Platform Advances Supply Chain Monitoring

 Anova, the trusted innovator and leader in remote tank telemetry,announced the release of Anova Transcend IoT Platform, a revolutionary new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform for industrial gases producers and distributors. Building on over 30 years of Anova experience and industry expertise,

Anova Transcend reveals broad insights into the industrial gases supply chain by integrating data from multiple monitored tanks and advanced systems into one platform. Users gain deep, instant insight from beautifully visualized data and customizable dashboards displaying information collected from multiple tanks, vaporizers, pipelines, PLCs, and other advanced systems. Built upon the foundation of the most widely used remote telemetry IIoT platform in the industry, and customizable for in-house or end-customer branded users, Anova Transcend already monitors over 70,000 cryogenic tanks and 8,000 advanced systems assets globally, delivering near real-time processing speeds with an intuitive and familiar user experience. Digitizing the industrial gases supply chain at any scale, and with data from any source, has never been easier.

“With Anova Transcend, our customers have the ability to bring together, in one place, key metrics, such as tank level and pressure, along with advanced systems flow rates, ambient temperatures, pressure, and other variables,” says Kevin Lynch, Senior Vice President of Industrial Gases at Anova. “This offers an incredible ability to speed and extend the digitization of the supply chain beyond tanks, painting a more extensive, accurate, and actionable view of the operations.”

“Our Industrial Gases team, led by Kevin Lynch, has developed new, incredible solutions to not only remotely monitor industrial gases tanks, but also adjacent equipment like vaporizers, compressors, pipelines, and PLC’s, enabling enhanced predictive analytics across more of our customers’ businesses. Much of this was borne out of the needs of the past year as our customers requested more IoT solutions to remotely monitor industrial equipment in real-time. With Anova Transcend, our industry can now achieve more far-reaching digitization of supply chains,” says Chet Reshamwala, CEO at Anova.

“Beyond tanks, Anova clients are incorporating remote telemetry of advanced systems to achieve better safety measures, greater process efficiency, address sustainability and meet customer service goals. Beyond providing the performance and scale required for our industry’s complex supply chains, Anova Transcend helps users better visualize data. They can derive faster insight and customize how they view information to better manage their specific operations.”

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