NinjaOne MDM Introduced to Automate, Control, and Implement Policies

NinjaOne has expanded its platform to include mobile device management (MDM). This new feature enhances employee productivity while simplifying and reducing risks, costs, and complexity for IT teams. It manages both Android and Apple mobile devices and endpoints through a single, intuitive console. With MDM,  NinjaOne extends its capabilities beyond unified endpoint management, offering comprehensive coverage for all devices and endpoints.

Organizations run on more endpoints than ever, and employees are increasingly using mobile devices to get their work done. Seventy percent of employees use four or more endpoint devices each day, according to analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group* (ESG). Unmanaged mobile devices increase an organization’s attack surface and limit employees’ productivity. Organizations need visibility and control over their users’ mobile devices to make sure they are properly configured, compliant, secure, and functional.

“Modern organizations run on endpoints, and as the number of mobile devices accessing corporate networks increases, it has become increasingly challenging for IT teams to properly manage and secure them,” said Gabe Knuth, Senior Analyst, at TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group. “Organizations we advise are looking to reduce the number of tools they use and complexity within their tech stack. IT ultimately needs a comprehensive endpoint management solution that unifies every device to keep employees productive and to minimize risk.”

NinjaOne MDM empowers MSPs and IT teams to automate, control, and implement policies across a range of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, IoT devices, etc.) at scale, giving organizations consistency and efficiency in their endpoint management and an improved security posture. Key benefits of NinjaOne MDM include:

  • Reduced complexity and costs – NinjaOne MDM gives MSPs and IT teams centralized endpoint management and visibility of all endpoints, from smartphones to servers, in one place. Having all devices in a single console allows for tool consolidation and improves efficiency.
  • Enhanced mobile device management and security – With visibility and control into mobile devices, organizations can quickly create and enforce policies at scale, reducing their attack surface and minimizing their risk.
  • More productive, satisfied, and secure end-users – With NinjaOne MDM, organizations can deploy applications to end-user devices, enforce policies that enable more secure work, and provide hands-on support via mobile screen share, providing faster time-to-resolution when issues arise.


“Mobile devices are becoming a bigger part of how our employees work, but it is hard to keep track of, manage, and secure those devices. It’s our goal to set our team up with the technology they need to be their most productive, which is why we turned to NinjaOne for mobile device management,” said Ernie Turner, Director of IT at Vetcor. “NinjaOne has saved our technicians time and resources by automating endpoint management and pulling all the devices we manage (servers, laptops, smart phones, etc.) into a single console. Now, we’ve freed up time to be more strategic business partners and we’re reducing the organization’s risk and attack surface.”

“Endpoints are constantly evolving and more employees are using mobile devices for work than ever before, so it’s essential for the market to adapt to customers’ needs as working habits and endpoints change. Today, IT teams need to keep all mobile devices compliant, up to date, and secure to ensure their employees can do their best work,” said Sal Sferlazza, CEO and Co-founder at NinjaOne. “NinjaOne MDM consolidates the many different devices IT teams are managing into a single console, providing a simple way to improve security and productivity while freeing up time and resources.”

To learn more about NinjaOne MDM visit the website here.

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*Enterprise Strategy Group, a division of TechTarget, Research Publication, Managing the Endpoint Vulnerability Gap: The Convergence of IT and Security to Reduce Exposure; Dave Gruber, Principal Analyst; Gabe Knuth, Senior Analyst; and Bill Lundell, Director of Syndicated Research; May 2023


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