ControlUp’s Secure DX Cuts Risk while Boosting Compliance and Productivity

ControlUp introduced Secure DX, a solution for real-time scanning, detection, and remediation aimed at enhancing the security posture of endpoint devices while preserving the digital employee experience. By consistently and autonomously identifying and fixing vulnerabilities and insecure configurations, Secure DX simplifies endpoint management and enables IT and cybersecurity teams to react promptly to security risks.

Endpoint security risk has never been greater. Employee devices, increasingly used in remote and hybrid work environments, have expanded attack surfaces, leaving enterprises prone to threats and breaches. Organizations face mounting, high-risk security vulnerabilities stemming from misconfigurations, account hijacking, unauthorized access, insecure interfaces, and more. The problem is real: nearly 70% of organizations admit they have experienced at least one cyber attack through an internet-facing asset.

“Never-ending waves of increasingly critical cybersecurity threats have IT overworked and frustrated, particularly related to the gaps in security at the endpoint,” said Asaf Ganot, ControlUp Executive Chairman and Co-Founder. “In response to this growing need, ControlUp is leading the expansion of the DEX market category to include security and compliance insights that will improve both IT and employee productivity. By providing deeper visibility into security data, IT can easily elevate their security posture and detect, prioritize, and remediate even the toughest security problems on thousands of devices in real time. As a result, our customers can deliver a more secure and high-performing experience for their employees.”

Secure DX is a real-time scanning, detection, and remediation solution for a more secure digital employee experience. Designed to enhance the security of Windows OS-based devices and applications, Secure DX enhances IT security by scanning and addressing vulnerabilities in real time, ensuring compliance and reinforcing desktop security. The impact: a safer, elevated digital employee experience aligned with organizational goals for robust cybersecurity and enhanced operational resilience. Secure DX provides the following features:

  • Real-Time Detection. Collect inventory of operating systems (OS) and applications to find vulnerabilities, detect missing and outdated patches, and identify compliance risks on endpoint devices.
  • Smart Prioritization. Easily understand prioritization through an intuitive scoring system for remediation based on the exposure and risk to users, devices, and applications.
  • Continuous Remediation. Fix misconfigured OS and applications automatically with modern patch management when enrolling new devices or identifying new vulnerabilities.

This is an increasingly urgent issue that IT teams need to address. As a leading industry analyst told VentureBeat, “many security teams today deal with staffing and skill shortages, and automating critical processes such as vulnerability management can aid such use cases… Anything that removes manual effort is always helpful [and]dealing with today’s threat volume is almost impossible without automation. Scanning for assets and vulnerabilities on them, is the most common process that is fully automated today.”

Availability and Trial:

Secure DX is now available as an option for Edge DX customers. It is ControlUp’s proven solution for real-time monitoring of local and remote physical endpoint devices and apps. To learn more about Secure DX and get a free trial, visit the website here.

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