Developer Tools Announced by GitKraken in a Unified Suite

GitKraken announced the launch of two new products, as well as plans to introduce two more tools in the coming months. To support developers’ needs to move seamlessly from one environment to another, all of GitKraken’s developer tools are now included in a unified suite, and work together with complete continuity. So what happens in the IDE is immediately known on the desktop and command line. And to maximize affordability for a global community of developers, the company has lowered the price of the first and second seat of GitKraken’s entire suite.

With the launch of the GitKraken CLI, which is purpose-built to enable Git collaboration directly from the command line, the company can better serve engineering teams with diverse tooling preferences. The company also introduced the GitKraken Browser Extension, which turns the browser itself into another powerful developer surface. GitKraken Browser Extension works with Chrome, Firefox and Edge, and supports GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps and Bitbucket.

The company also previewed the upcoming launch of, which will make powerful collaboration features accessible via web and mobile, enabling devs and team leaders to stay connected to their teams’ work. Lastly, the company shared that it will bring the power of GitLens – the popular VS Code extension that has 25M+ installs – to the IntelliJ IDE ecosystem in early 2024.

“Companies are demanding their development teams do more with less,” said GitKraken CEO, Matt Johnston. “So GitKraken is giving developers more – for less. More productivity tools, more collaboration capabilities, and for a lower price. The first two seats of our entire dev tool suite are only $4 per month each – that’s 50% off the regular price of the new GitKraken Pro plan, and less than just the GitKraken Client cost in the past.”

The entire GitKraken suite connects seamlessly to the company’s collaboration services, including Shared Workspaces, Cloud Patches, Focus Views and developer-centric DORA Insights. These collaboration features have become wildly popular with engineering teams of all sizes in the past year, and represent a massive opportunity for GitKraken to evolve from making individual developers more productive, to also enabling distributed teams to collaborate as though they’re sitting in the same room.

These new products and services, and increased focus on developer collaboration and communication, was born out of GitKraken Labs, the company’s innovation hub that researches and constructs much of GitKraken’s forward-looking R&D investments into the developer experience of the future. This includes the company’s recent investments to layer generative AI capabilities into all its dev tools to perform tasks like automatically generating and explaining commit messages.

“More than ever before, building software is a team sport. Our customers have been asking GitKraken to fill the void around dev collaboration, and the early adoption of our new team features has been incredible across 2023,” stated Johnston. “Adding a CLI, an IntelliJ extension, and making the browser a first-class developer environment, enable GitKraken to bring better productivity and collaboration to every developer – whether they work alone, as part of a small team, or in global corporations with team members spread around the world.”

For more information visit the GitKraken website HERE.

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