Juniper Secure Edge Announced as Next Step in SASE Journey

Juniper Networks announced the newest addition to its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture, Juniper Secure Edge. This new solution delivers Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) as a single-stack software architecture, managed by Security Director Cloud, to empower organizations to secure workforces, wherever they are. Juniper Networks is a leader in secure, AI-driven networks dedicated to dramatically simplifying network operations.

With the rise of distributed workforces, organizations are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way the network edge is secured, paving the path to brand-new, cloud-based architectures at accelerated rates. Extending security to every point of connection is crucial as these new architectures emerge and the transition begins. Juniper Secure Edge provides users with fast, reliable and secure access to the applications and resources they need, ensuring a seamless end-user experience that encompasses the following key benefits:

  • Unified policy management from a single UI for all security use cases. Create policies once and apply them anywhere and everywhere with unified policy management, including user- and application-based access, IPS, anti-malware and secure web access within a single policy. Unified policy from the edge through the data center means fewer policy gaps, elimination of human error and a consistently secure environment.
  • Secure user access from anywhere. Secure Edge supports the remote workforce whether employees are in the office, at home or on the road with secure user access to the applications and resources needed to do their job effectively. Security policies follow the user wherever they go, protecting the user, device and applications without having to copy over or recreate rule sets.
  • Dynamic Zero Trust segmentation. Maintain the security of data around identity- and risk-driven policies. Secure Edge delivers consistent security policy framework with policies that automatically adapt based on new risk and attack vectors and follow the user wherever they go, providing automated access controls to employees and third-party contractors through granular policy control.
  • Investment protection. Secure Edge allows organizations to leverage existing investments and seamlessly transition to a full SASE architecture at a chosen pace and provides a simpler operational experience. Juniper customers can use the physical, virtual, containerized – and now cloud-delivered – SRX firewall, completely managed by Security Director Cloud with a single-policy framework, allowing for full visibility and consistent security across both the edge and the data center from one UI.
  • Integration with any identity provider. Secure Edge allows customers to use the identity provider that works for them by integrating with leading identity providers, such as Azure AD, Okta and others, through SAML 2.0 support.
  • Validated security effectiveness. Juniper provides cyberattack protection that has been validated by objective, third-party testing to be highly effective against client- and server-side exploits, malware and C2 traffic, regardless of where the users and applications are located. This includes achieving the highest security efficacy rating at 99.5% from compared to leading security vendors for Enterprise Firewall, and 100% effectiveness with zero false positives in ICSA Labs’ Advanced Threat Defense test in Q4 of 2021. Secure Edge delivers policies from the cloud, as a service, empowered with these proven threat prevention technologies, ensuring consistent security enforcement.


“We’re excited to take the next big leap in the SASE market with Juniper Secure Edge,” said Samantha Madrid, VP of Security Business & Strategy, Juniper Networks. “First, we empowered our customers to manage security anywhere, all within a single UI with Security Director Cloud. Now, with the introduction of Juniper Secure Edge, Juniper is enabling its customers to seamlessly secure remote workforces with consistent security policies that follow users wherever they go, all while leveraging existing investments as they transition to a cloud-delivered architecture. Secure Edge makes it easy for customers to deploy effective threat protection without breaking visibility.”

Moving to a SASE architecture is a journey and requires every organization to take a thoughtful approach to this transition to remain secure. Juniper provides the “and” strategy that meets customers on their SASE journey and enables a seamless and secure transition to a SASE architecture. Secure Edge builds upon Juniper’s Connected Security strategy while successfully converging networking and security, effectively enabling a threat-aware network from client to application both on-premises and in the cloud.

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