Copado DevOps Exchange Reaches 100% Utilization on 65+ SaaS Apps

Copado announced that every customer is using at least one application from its DevOps Exchange and 30% of customers are using three or more applications to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Launched in December 2022, the Copado DevOps Exchange is the first DevOps marketplace for enterprise SaaS solutions.

The DevOps Exchange now offers more than 65 pre-built solutions from Copado, its partners and the Copado community to extend and enhance the features of Copado’s DevOps platform for Salesforce, including the only generative AI DevOps bot available in the Salesforce ecosystem. The DevOps Exchange has hundreds of downloads and installs each month to support more than 17 million customer deployments, enabling customers to realize the full potential of their DevOps tools and maximize their enterprise SaaS investment.

“We love working with the Copado DevOps Exchange as it allows us to help customers bridge the gap between Copado and Slack in a simple and effective way that makes the DevOps workflow run smoothly,” said Ryan Hitchler, CEO and co-founder of Centro.

DevOps automation saves Copado customers 25 million development hours annually, reduces app failure rates by 78%, and has enabled them to release 10x more features. Companies of all sizes can be up-and-running with Copado quickly and customers report realizing value in less than 90 days. With pre-built DevOps Exchange extensions, customers can plug full-functioning capabilities directly into their DevOps process.

“There will always be delivery teams that encounter unique situations and, with DevOps Exchange, we’ve empowered our teams, customers and partners to build solutions for those specific use cases and share them with our entire user base,” said David Brooks, Senior Vice President and Lead Evangelist at Copado. “Copado’s investment in extensibility and baked-in best practices has enabled customers to get started quickly with pre-built capabilities based on millions of deployments, while giving them the flexibility to manage their specific compliance, testing and team needs.”

Understanding that DevOps success is also rooted in people, Copado’s hosts the largest DevOps community in the world with 80,000 active members. The Copado Community offers 10 public training courses each month and six different professional DevOps certifications. Copado’s investment in education and learning has added 26,500 certified DevOps professionals to the Salesforce ecosystem, accelerating adoption and success.

For more information on Copado visit the website here.

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